Monday, September 18, 2006

Guide to Jah'rakal - The Troll Warlord

"The battleground is filled with blood and screams.This hero stands against all that seems all-powerful.....- mighty magic,summons,deadly poison,witchcraft and the art of illusionry. The only weapon this troll carries, are some goodly sharpened silver throwing axes on which he relies upon to stand a chance against all the powers of the opposing force. Accuracy,Speed and Wit are his greatest weapons.He will have to get stronger..... - he will rise above the rest."


This Guide is realistic. I will not put in items that are impossible to get in a real above amateur player game.
Farming for 2 bashers straight without helping your team is not realistic while farming maelstrom proceeded directly with a basher is even more impossible. The game would have been decided by that point if the other team are clever enough to use their skills to take advantage of your team's decreased number, pull down your rax and pressure you to defend.

Many people have already read my previous guide. After analyzing Jah'rakal with 7 straight pub games, i have decided to change the entire skill - item build. Yeah, i dedicated a whole day to just decide on changing the build i have used for roughly 2-3 months. To sum up all this rambling, This is not a perma-bashing build anymore, yet, it will be as effective and easier to use.

A lot have given good words to me and messaged me for a replay. I promise you guys there was no time when i was'nt trying to get one. Problem is i am a dial-up user and the only way i can get a replay with a 5-5 is in a pubbie. The best i have is a 2 vs 2 Hamachi game. Who wants to see that when my guide is about using jah'rakal in 5 vs 5. That does'nt even need skill!

So far i'm trying to persuade the internet cafe owner to allow me to save a replay and put it in a diskette. But the guy just does'nt get it that the diskette im bringing doesnt have a virus.

By now, i think that people who read guides first want to know how good the person really is. I have been playing Dota ever since 6.14 until now. I am a pubbie player but i do not play against noobs anymore. I have stopped that 2 months ago. Lol. Its funny to even reach the final tier items for the perma-bash build. Again Dota is a team game, you should try to help your allies as soon as you can. Quite the opposite of farming to a permabasher for 2/3 of the game.

I have been using jah'rakal ever since the start during the ap games next to chen, techies, syllabear, darkterror , omniknight and pudge.Of course all games now are ar. As 700 gold is really great especially for troll. As you can see i like microing or aiming a skill or two during ap games but the greatest challenge of all is building up jah'rakal so he's still my favorite.

Table of Contents

I. Stat Review

II. Pros and Cons
III.Suggested Ability Allocation
IV.Items Build

I. Stat Review

To use a hero, you have to know the hero. Lets start off by analyzing every single aspect like his attack range and movespeed.

Jah'rakal - The Troll Warlord

Range: 500
Move Speed: 280
Primary: AGI
Str: 19 + 2.45
Agi: 21 + 2.75
Int: 13 + 1
Damage: 27 - 50
HP: 473
Mana: 169
HP Regen: 0.82
Mana Regen: 0.53
Attack Speed: 1.34 (+ 21% IAS)
Armor: 2


Your base strength may look decent compared to other certain heroes but remember this: You have nothing to run with. Your legs are pathetically slow and heavy. You have no nuke to scare the person away with. No disable. You are ugly. Your really sexy though. [in the eyes of some people blink.gif ]

Your ms sucks and those guys have the nerve to nerf our rampage ms bonus. Then they buff morphlings ms! and give his wave range back! Wow. This inspires us to own more right? laugh.gif

You dont need int as you will only be spamming rampage throughout the game. They nerfed your life to quite a lot so youll really need those 2 ironwood branches. Theyll help in getting last hits too coz you never know when that stupid 27 damage might pop out. dry.gif


NOTE: Every hero has his own weakness and strengths it is up to the wielder of the hero to counteract every weakness and use every strength. If you cannot take that because Jah'rakal seems quite hard to use than go for boneclinks or naix. If you cant get over his cons that you are not worthy to even try this hero as playing him will be even more difficult.


1. An insanely quick killing machine during the late game.
2. A great pusher during midgame-lategame.
3. Great gold digger during the late game as almost all last hits go to Jah'rakal even without rampage
4. You can beat the hell out of a boneclinkx while knowing that it required you more skill to build up to this stage with him.

1. A hero that CANNOT be used easily during the early game especially for new players.
2. Early Game deaths against smart players results at the cost of the entire game.
3. Hard to get last hits because of small damage, attack speed and movement speed at early game.
4. One of the easiest heroes to harass resulting in very hard battles during 1 vs 1 with nukers and stunners.
5. Agi hero with absolutely no escape mekansm including his movespeed. He has one of the slowest
movespeed in the game - 280.
6. No disable, low attackspeed, no nuke.a crappy hero killer for over 2/3 of the game. [Ill change that to 1/3]
7. A hero that is majorly item - dependent. His skills alone will not do anything for him. This is not a naix that only needs one heart


After reading the options above, we can make this conclusion: Jah'rakal has more cons than pros and will be hard to use in a decent over amateur game where all the players will be using their pros.

He is item dependent. Period. Perfectly chosen items will help him dominate the game.

Your movespeed is pathetically low. Average is 300, max is 522. People can get 5-6 hits on you mid lane when there are no towers. Without any slow or stun. Therefore:

Jah'rakal will have no way of escaping as you will have only three escape mekansms that all other heroes will have:

1. the minimap
2. your sense of being careful
3. Hiding spots of the great 6.32 map

To utilize this, it will take Patience. When you get the hang of it, all games will be greatly easier.

We need two things here, a good disabler that gives us a nice damage boost too like the basher. With rampage we can trigger it with ease. We need an escape mekansm sometime during middle game where fights will be always happening and people will start taking notice of you.. We need something to help us get in team battles in and out. We need more hp. We need to stop Aoe and chanelling nukes. Got the hints?


A single mistake in early game could cost you the whole game as for a perfect game could get you beyond godlike without any difficulty. Many people pick Jah' because of his late game ownage. If you’re looking for a new hero to use, count that it is challenging to use Jah' effectively especially during the early - middle parts of the game.

Jah’rakal is no doubt one of the fastest ranged attackers in the game but also the easiest to First blood. Stop him from farming and you get the weakest hero in the entire game. If you have an ally using Jah’rakal, don’t expect him to start backing you up at the middle lane and harassing heroes all the time. Give him space to level or back him up and he’ll prove to be a great asset to your team and own midgame.

III. Skill Uses


"He remains in fervor in and out of battle. All things are done with speed and precision-
for he wishes to be stronger"


The first skill you want to pump up as it helps you escape from battle, increase you farming speed and helps you take down towers fast with rampage.

I’d max this out first, in the way I have listed below.This skill helps you get last hits fast on your enemy and allied creeps.

Fountain Trips are also faster because of the movement speed bonus. Level 1 fervor has only a 5% increase so get it to level 4 as soon as possible.

Remember you movespeed? Yeah thats another big reason. Knowing that a sk is on his way to your lane will not help if you cant get out before he gets there.

IPB Image Blind –SHORTCUT KEY - d

"The most important sense of all can prove to be a weakness. The troll takes careful aim and with a single axe-brings down his opponents sense of sight. To expoit every weakness is to stand a chance"


This skill will help you take on agi heroes late game. It will help you push early game and make the opponents miss their last hits if they are stupid enough to try get last hits in a blind state.

We are not getting blind in this build. Stats and melee mode will overrule it. If you are in flaming terms now because you think it is a great disable, kindly just continue reading the rest because i will explain everything.

IPB Image Rampage – SHORTCUT KEY - r

"A skill learned by their kind uses emotions to break their physical limits. Sometimes one has to use everything he has to gain advantage."


Best Skill of Jah’rakal as it is also his ultimate. This makes him attack the enemy with a godly attack speed.
Rampage should be spammed at level two for farming and fightning in a situation where you know you can win - boneclinks. Level 1 rampage is for the farming and getting to the fountain or secret shop.

What i said previously:

"Aside from its offensive uses, do not hesitate to use rampage to run whenever a harasser starts to attack. If you have power threads, Run in a straight line and he’ll really have a hard time catching up with you as Rampage does not only increase attack speed but also movement speed. The same method applies when chasing heroes down. Outrunning the troll warlord is almost impossible when he is in Rampage mode.Turn sharply at curves and run straight and around creeps, youll catch up sooner or later."

Wrong. Jah'rakal with a sange yasha and boT will not even catch a chaos night with just boots.
That is why my build will greatly increase your killing ability.
Disables - damage increase > % chain lightning early.
If sandking got that close to you that your pretty much dead unless he did a mistake of walking into creeps. He will OVERTAKE you and simply bs EVEN with rampage on.
You use rampage when you know he is still on his way to the lane or at least 700 - 800 range from getting to you.

IPB Image Berserker Rage – SHORTCUT KEY: g

"In the eye of a troll, the axe has a thousand and one uses.But when an opponent is near,it would be good to use that axe in the simplest and most effectice way. "


With this skill, Jahrakal can change into melee form and back to range form.
The extra 25 damage is great. Period. The 2 second stun doesn't get better than it is. Thats like 2 bashers triggering up there for you.

The dota makers took some pity on us and gave us a good armor boost to go with it.
You'd think: So what? +2 - 4 Armor? Who gives shit.
Well, you'd be surprised that this armor will make you win early- mid - late game 1 vs 1 fights. IT will help you escape with 5-200 hp during team battles.

When the hero starts to run away, hit g to switch back to ranged mode and finish him off with Jah’rakals range attack and fast capture speed.

Problem. Average players will nuke you to hell before you even get close to use that nice damage buff. Then your stupid melee mode is useless in team battles but dont worry Jahrakal is item dependent and we will use that nice buff at all costs.




When you max stats before anything else. It will raise your armor, your hp, your damage and your ias.
It will help you take on heroes early with good harassing. It will help you deny and last hits and most importantly, it will help you survive.

All in all, Stats is my next best thing to ramapage and fervor.

Cheap shots will be no problem with my early game build. Just dont be stupid and get hit by nukes for some 30+ gold.

III. Suggested Ability Allocation

This is how I allocate my abilities; feel free to build him up your own way:


Level 1 - Fervor
Level 2 - Stats
Level 3 - Fervor
Level 4 - Stats
Level 5 - Fervor
Level 6 - Rampage
Level 7 - Fervor
Level 8 - Stats
Level 9 - Stats
Level 10 - Stats
Level 11 - Rampage
Level 12 - Stats
Level 13 - Stats
Level 14 - Stats
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Rampage
Level 17 - Stats
Level 18 - Berserker Rage
Level 19 - Berserker Rage
Level 20 - Berserker RAge
Level 21 - Berserker Rage
Level 22 - Blind
Level 23 - Blind
Level 24 - Blind
Level 25 - Blind

Fervor>stats>Berserker Rage>Blind

Why Fervor over blind? Blind can help you outfarm your enemy and lower his gold advantage!

Blind will do that yeah but you must remember your principles. Get you core items and survive right?
Whgen you blind an enemy you will push closer to the tower even if you last hits coz your enemy will be missing his hits. You want to stay as close to your tower as possible. Fervor own stats you farm better and it helps you escape nuke harassment.

Blind will not save you unless your enemy thinks that blind is silence alltogether which is why this build is not for noobs. Otherwise, Go use my permabash guide.

Why Stats over blind? WTFNOOB. Fervor of course is better but StatS?!

Stats will help you kill early. Blind will not. Blind is useless in team battles. Stats is not. Stats will increase you base damage decently. Together with rampage it becomes a great buff.

No idiot will one on one jah'rakal early - mid game when he is blinded unless he is a heavy nuker. Blinded or not, you will get raped by that imaple-hex - finger combo.

Again, you cannot rely on an opponent's stupidity. Real players know what blind can do. They wont attack you unless they can nuke you to shit.

Why Berserker Rage over blind? Jah'rakal should use his range to the full advantage man! No player will just let you walk up to him and hit him!

25 bonus damage 10% for a 2 second stun and a nice buff to the armor. All you need is a lothars and you will be able to kill mid game. During team battles you lothars in take out the int heroes or damage dealers after they have used their nukes. 2 nukes will not take you out because of your stats- armor buff. If the 2 second bash triggers than you stop a channeling spell or you overkill the guy. In junction with lothars this skill becomes oh so great.

IV. Item Build:

IPB Image Ring of Regeneration

[375 gold]


My advice:

You buy the Ror first no matter what. This is one of the best deals in the game. Yes, they even made it cheaper. 2 hit point regen is a blessing for jah'rakal during the early stages of the game.

BoS are useless against pro harassers. BoS will not help you farm, stay in the lane or RUN. Running away will NOT do you any good.You CAN dodge nukes(run away when they come near)without BoS.

IPB Image
IPB Image

Ironwood Branch 2x

[57 gold each]

You get this for last hitting. A little hp boost and a little armor boost. With jah'rakal we take every little stat point into consideration. Because rampage will make it decent.

IPB Image
Demon - Edge

[2600 gold]

Remember when we had to get 3400 gold something before we went back just to get maelstrom? Well now we get de. It gives a a very good damage boost . People will start feeling pain and you wont have to wish that a chain lightning triggers anymore. You get last hits easier and rampage on will gaurantee 2-3 creep gold kills.


[1100 Gold]


Now we save a good 1100 and run back to the base. Since gangbangs are happening now. Get boots before this if you cant take the pressure.

IPB Image
Monkey King Bar

[1650 gold]

A good minor stun and a Great percentage to deal an extra 90 damage. Thats like a even better sacred relic triggering!

Lets see 15% for a 150 chain lightning or 30% for an extra 90 damage and a good stun that stops channeling effects!. See the difference.

Plus! the extra damage from de is THERE all the time! Put in rampage and you'll see that MkB % go up to a good 55%! 55% to deal an EXTRA 90 damage and a stun. Ever seen perma- mkb stun? Its a lot more possible then you think in rampage level 3.

IPB Image
Boots of Speed

[500 gold]

Level 2 rampage with boots will help you run decently from the fountain and from the towarded gangbangs. Its usefullness increases a lot after you get the mkb. About 50% more usefulness lol.

IPB Image
Gloves of haste

[610 gold]

15% attackspeed increases the mkb % with rampage to a good 58-62%.

IPB Image
Power threads.

[420 Gold]

This is your second core item next to mkb. This will increase you hero killing potential now and your enemies will direct their attention on gangbangin you. You convert that 3 slots into one good bear of nike boots for your troll.

Sell Ror

You will not need it now because you will not stay in vision to enemies in your lane fore more than 1-2 creepwaves. Its all neutral creeping now.

IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

Iron wood branches x3

[57 Gold each]

We want every little stat possible right coz we are goin to help the team now! Every space is a waste if you dont use it. [ Pendragon_ Theory] 4 Iron wood braches is like +4 strength + 4 agility and + 4 int. Thats a good decent buff for you instead of wasting that good inventory space.

Put down 1 ironwood.

IPB Image

[1400 gold]

This is the better choice when compared to blade of aclarity as the stable damage will make your power threads and mkb stun much more effective with rampage. 21 damage + the 90 damage trigger is a good 100+ damage. Its the IAS that makes all the difference.

Put down another Ironwood

IPB Image
Blade of Clarity

[1000 gold]

Good armor -damage Buff and a great ladder item to lothars. Good job guys in making the recipes.

IPB Image
Lothar's Edge

[1450 gold]

You know have a herokilling mekansm, a great combination with rage. That gives you a way to use the good buffs the skill has. You can know run in and out of a team battle. You can now farm with relative ease toward your next core item. During the average game you can usually finish the game with good teamates. The damage from the previous items are still there so the windwalk is just great.

Pick up both ironwoods.

Congratulations. You have built your troll to a great improvement. You can now help your teamates in defending and killing.

IPB ImageBroadsword

[1200 gold]

Cheap,a decent damage bonus and its a requirement for one of your best pawnage items the burize so just get it.

IPB ImageBlades of Attack

[650 gold]

Another damage bonus and one step closer to getting critical shots.

IPB Image

[1000 gold]

Some people are owning hard at this point and are too lazy to go back and buy this thing.That is a huge mistake.This item will almost double your killing rate and NEVER UNDERESTIMATE what your opponents are saving for.A death will always put you at a losing end.


IPB Image Demon Edge

[2910 gold]

Expensive,but worth it.750 gold to burize isnt much and once you get demon edge,your damage will be amazingly huge.

IPB Image
Burize-do Kyanon

[750 gold]

Once you get the 750,get back to your fountain and go out to kill everything you see.650+ red numbers WILL pop out of your screen EVERY 1-4 seconds during rampage.That is a fact.

Optional Items:

Aegis of the Immortal

Divine Rapier


Ok, Lets start off by criticizing my sudden change of principles.

Why have you stopped using maelstrom?

Maelstrom is still a very good item no doubt about that. The problem is that after maelstrom, you still will not be able to kill against over average dota players. Your ms is too slow to backstab.Yes we dont need to kill. They will simply run in the opposite directions.

Yes we dont need to kill but You can farm well without maelstrom nowadays as the nerf was a bit to painful. Last hits are easy with rampage on and at level 11 rampage is fully spammable. Maelstrom is expensive [ thats 3450 gold on a chain lightning that doest gaurantee its existence] and its greatest asset is that good chain lightning AOE during your team battles. Problem is however that sometimes it never seems to trigger and at this stage you aren't supposed to go in first during team battles anyways.

Wtf? What happened to the perma-bashing that we all love? Jah'rakal is a great basher with rampage!

I posted this guide a while back ever since 6.14 something. The games i am playing now are quite more challenging than from before, Permabashing is only a fantasy that i refused to let go of because of my early days of playing dota. I play with a pubbie clan these days and the team deciding battles will start before you even get the mithril hammer for your 2nd basher. You cannot allow yourself to rely on the stupidity or noobness of the other team. I go for the permabashing build if the enemy are noobs but otherwise i'd go with this build as it has the same effectiveness as the permabashing build, least expensive and start getting effective early on. Mkb + threads is much worth the money and time compared to basher and maelstrom. Believe me.

I would like to stress that i have won 90% of all my jah'rakal games after using this build. My current percentage with my perma-bashing build was a mere 55-65%. This stresses that great difference of difficulty between these builds. I play in a pubbie where I know all players who play in inhouses at home. They are all decent players (know how to deny,harass, great teamwork as they have been playing with each other for quite some time.) A basher build will not help your team until the last 15 minutes. Period.


The things to take note of here are Mkb and threads. With those two items alone, you will be able to dominate a lot. With lothars it will be even easier if you know how to come in and make an impact. With rampage and Berserker rage combined , your damage output will be as good as my previous build.

Lothars + Mkb + Berserker Rage will help you kill opponents from mid - late game. Thats a huge step from the previous build where we had to farm until late game.

Farming for burize is unnecesary but is still a core item as there are some games that somehow go beyond this point of time. Burize will make you a killing monster as this point would be somewhere in the levels 19-20. At this point, it is very possible to bash repeatedly with mkb's small stun and 90 damage as your crits will range from 500-600. THIS is taking advantage of rampage.

Your Bonus damage alone will gaurantee 240+ something.The Word is gaurantee. Demon edge at early game will give them something that WILL HURT. Especially with your level 2 spammable rampage.

And thats Without the base damage, crits, minor stuns, rage bashes and mkb triggers.
Will those come out?
Hell yes, thats why we have 35% IAS from lothars,mkb and threads.
150% IAS with our spammable rampage and 21% increase for every level we survive to.

Aegis is there to protect your streak and help finish the game. Rapier is for those stupid pubbie games that you are trying to prolong lol.

Ok, Lets start off by criticizing my sudden change of principles.




This strategy is focused on 5 vs 5 games.If you are 1 vs 1 etc, just buy more stuff at the beginning.I DO NO RECOMMEND 1 vs 1 games with Jah'rakal.Go for team games.They are funner and youll survive better.

(Levels 1-11)
Get to the sentinel tavern and spam "l" on your keyboard.Get that ror and start picking a lane.I would suggest going for the lower or top lanes because these are more secure.If you ended up sharing with someone else,Good.If you are soloing,good BUT if you are new at using Jah' then soloing could be worse.

OK.YOU ARE A WEAK PIECE OF CRAP.You attack slowly,you cant run,you cant kill any hero.
Stay back and get last hits on EVERYTHING including your own creeps.Use alt to see creep's hp and time your attack.Hit heroes Only if no other enemy creeps are left.Harass Melee heroes as soon as possible.Once you get rampage,use it to get last hits it more easily without having to press alt.YELLOW HP MEANS HEAL WITH ROR AND STAND BEHIND YOUR RANGED HERO!KEEP THE WAVE CONTACTS AS NEAR TO YOUR TOWER AS POSSIBLE!LEVEL 6 FOR OTHER HEROES AND BEING CLOSE TO ENEMY TOWERS MEANS 2 TIMES RISK OF BEING KILLED.(esp. for nuker opponents like sandking).Buy the mithril hammer when you get the money but if you are in a lane with hero that doesnt harass then get enough money for the maelstrom before going back.
Be as cautious as possible and aim for that maelstrom.


Sometime around 10-12 you will get your maelstrom.Get Boots as fast as possible AND Yes,the worse is finally over and YOU CAN KILL very much easily compared to before.BUT dont get cocky,aim for better things and CONTINUE FARMING IN YOUR LANE.This time go for the tower kill,Spam blind every wave and attack enemy creeps to trigger maelstrom and send your opponent back to the fountain trip over and over again.If you see a opportunity to kill,Go for it.At level 14-16 look for int or agi heroes,you will own them.You will get to level 16 in no time because you will start pawning players if you time your attacks right.

Level 2 rampage is all you need,I am sure you are on your way to basher now.If you already have it, then go out there and backstab Everything in sight.Getting to crysalis is no problem,as you will be killing easily now.By the time you get burize,the opposing team will start sticking together and give up farming OR farm in doubles.After your 2nd basher,you can double kill with ease but make sure you use your gold properly to own even more.Aim for that satanic and 3 cramium bashers to make sure that the opposing team cannot push.Remember your early hardships,

To kill a hero: cast blind, get to rampage mode and attack him(switch to melee mode if hes a melee guy).Backstabbing this way guarantees a kill unless of course he has wind walk and you didn’t buy a gem by this time of the game.Haste is not a problem,your bashers will take care of all of anything that runs.

To kill heroes:
At the final stages of the game,you should feel almost invincible.Taking on 3 heroes,can be hard or a breeze depending on who you are against. First of all, do NOT CHOOSE THE TANK.Attack the smallest hp hero(usually int or agi) and leave the tank for last. Do not switch to melee mode if there is only one melee hero and 2 other ranged heroes.This would waste valuable seconds that can cause you your death(switching between two modes wastes 1 sec).The technique is to RAMPAGE FIRST blind the first hero and attack him.Then move on to the second lowest hp hero."PERMASTUN KILL FAST,PERMA STUN KILL NEXT HERO FAST,PERMASTUN -Finish off last hero."
Finish off your targetted hero and then permastun the next opponent as soon as possible.This reduces TWICE the rate of the damage being dealt to you during the gangbang if you can just perma-stun that second hero AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.Once you start reaching half of your 2nd opponents hp.The last kill will be easy despite him being a tank. Average players cannot be quadra killed, if 4 of them used their skills properly, the most you can do is 2 kills.(many people have succeedingquadra killing newbies though) KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS. ATTACK 3 heroes with a creep wave or some backup.Satanic makes this so much easier.


Look at the map, I avoid all backstabs this way and I do my back stabs in this way for that matter. The map has a WIDER vision then your screen that helps prevent ambushes especially when you are concentrating on farming with another enemy hero in the lane.

Learn how to backstab. Your creeps have vision. Whenever you see an enemy hero farming in another lane, his life is low and you know that you can take him get the right timing and own him.

When I say hp is low, I’m talking about the hp in the hero information not the green bar. Don’t go running after morphling with 1k hp just because the green color of the bar seems a bit smaller than yours. sleep.gif. He just might have 2000 hp more than you

If two heroes ambush you again and again at lower levels stay close to a tower and farm from there then tell your allies to ambush them. Another way is to go with an allied nuker, harasser or tank.

Use the Item relics located in the rivers in your way to backstab. Invisibility and double damage can even help you get kills instead of just making them take fountain trips.

Avoid fountain trips but most of all avoid dying. Don’t share a lane with an enemy hero that keeps on sending you back to the fountain. But if it’s an agi that’s ranged or a strength hero with no stun or nuke that you can handle, blind him every single wave at a safe distance.

Use rampage to run away. Cast rampage when you’re fighting. Take advantage of its fast cool down so don’t be afraid cast it to improve farming speed.

After you get maelstrom, start farming like hell. If an agility hero attacks you, run a bit for reverse psychology then rampage, blind him and fight back on the next wave to catch him off guard and send him back or kill him.

During late game, don’t get cocky if you get so many kills, helping your team win is the main objective.

The troll warlord is as weak as bone clinkz in the early game, only it doesn’t have wind walk. If you still don’t get the picture: Be careful when you see a strong early game hero. If he tries to spend the whole game trying to kill you. He’ll be wasting time looking for you but continue farming and running anyway. After a while ambush him with your high level teammates. Lol.

Memorize the shortcut keys. It makes battles so much easier to win. You’ll need to get used to casting blind and effectively switching from melee to ranged mode without delay.

Short games (-sm) are harder for Jah’rakal to win. Hero battles start earlier making it harder for you to farm without being pushed back. 1 on 1 with Jah’rakal against a harasser is almost suicide unless he never attacks you and allows you to farm.

Save your money. When you get Burize, everything will go perfect after a while. Buy items when you have the money; it is very easy to lose money in the early game with Jah’rakal.

The key is to FARM. When you farm you get stronger. When you get stronger, you own harder. When you own harder, you win the game.

Learn how to Tower sit in order to survive stunners and nukers.Youll be getting more experience than them even though its gonna be slower.

I have to add more stuff: (You may have thought that i already knew this but i want to be honest that i was noob and i may still be)


Learn how to Exp Deny: Dont just get last hits on their creeps, get last hits on yours. You can kill your own creeps when they have yellow or red hp but use the "a" hot key. This will deny them exp which will result in a lower level of your opponent, a first blood or at least a kill if you find a good opportunity to backstab. (doesnt have to be you, tell your teamates to do it.

Example situation: I was with a friend on the same lane against a sven but we ALL had the same level even though we were dividing exp. This is one of the advantages of exp denying.

Know the opponent's hero skills. If you know that sven has storm bolt dont continue to try to get last hits if you have 310 hp left. 1 storm bolt + some hits could kill you . Use your Ror and stay back at 1000 range. Get the exp and then go back to last hits when you have the hp.

Level 6 - Yes,this is when you get your ultimate rampage...and when ALL THE OTHER HEROES GET EPICENTER,FINGER OF DEATH,SERPENT WARD ETC.

Be aware of what you are going to face before you can get your maelstrom and start owning. When they get to level 6 dont give them opportunities look at your hp AND ROR AWAY,tower hug, ask for help,switch lanes,keep the lane in equilibrium,ask for teamates to gangbang the nuker. Do EVERYTHING to remain alive when everyone starts backstabbing to keep your hard earned gold.

A Final Note:

Many and i mean MANY people give up on using Jah'rakal after their first game of Dota using this hero. They simply pick him because they see someone use Jah'rakal and own. dry.gif

Its not as simple as just knowing good builds.You have to start practicing to master this hero and thats what i like about him so much.

Ive played so many games with him in AI but you to really learn you have to go out thereor you will have no idea how many backstabbing you have to survive once you start playing with real people. mellow.gif

Use this hero during real games even if you are scared you might lose. I lost many games with Jah during my early days of DoTa.I've been criticized and laughed at, yet, i refused to give up on him.Despite being killed repeatedly, i still stay in a game and learn how people kill.I have also came back and owned all them. Im proud that i learned something from all those who have owned me. So go out there and be owned by your friends biggrin.gif


Blogger Romilive said...

Excellent guide for Troll Warlord! You really put it to its maximum. God Like!

12:52 PM

Blogger Bk|RaZ()r said...

VeRY UseFuLL TnX A LoT...GreAt GuIdE YoU hAvE TheRe!!! WiSh You CoULd PUt SoMe MoRe GuiDEs ^_^

10:30 PM

Blogger Alex said...

um dude, try looking at your ms when you are melee (lvl 4 beserker). It gives you an extra 30 ms. just type -ms. Troll doesnt have to be slow.

4:22 PM

Blogger Tan said...

Dude, not meaning to disrespect u but troll works great with Helm of Dominator and u should try 2 max Berserker Rage and Fervor, berserker has bash so u can just hide behind a tree and come out to hit him/her. That bash will keep him there. When he/she runs away u can just press g and hit him/her.

3:31 PM

Blogger vince said...

this guide is obviously made by a fucking noob, gg

5:46 AM

Blogger Bryce said...

I found that maxing out bash and lifesteal make for win. Seriously. You don't need ms (to run) if you can farm heroes and supercreeps for health.

9:26 AM

Blogger Tan said...

i think buy the butterfly is better

2:45 PM

Blogger i l0ve tr0ll!!! said...

i dont think troll nid maelstrom. 1st of all, farm a helm of dom wif buying a mask of death 1st.(5v5).dont nid to buy slippers of agi.... jus extra. go top lane n fam extra 300 gold n buy a mask of death. after tat helm of dom. of course, when u hav 500 gold buy a boots of speed. whether troll nid to buy pwr threads then i really donno. after dis items, butterfly will do. after all, trolls speed isnt tat slow wif berserker rage. beerserker rage n pwr threads make ur ms up to 395(almost thr). 2 butterfly can oso help. if 5v5, i think a BKB can help a lot. then buy lothar. backsteb i really tried b4 n if thr r being stunned, surely thr will die. at dis time, i think wif dis item u can end dis game dy.

11:15 AM

Blogger Ravajj said...

Get Berserk Rage on lvl 18?
Max out Fervor is a right thing
But altering Stat for BR is nothin`...
Yeah Jah is slow.
But when you press G
hell got 30 MS and 200HP i think
or 150???
And a bash with damage.
Ill go
Lvl 1 Fervor
Lvl 2 Berserk Rage
Lvl 3 Fervor
Lvl 4 Berserk Rage
Lvl 5 Fervor
Lvl 6 Rampage
Lvl 7 Fervor or Berserk Rage
Then after u Master Fervor and Berserk Rage go on with Stat on lvl 10? i think
4 lvls for fervor and BR + 1 rampage
= 9
so ull have to put use a SP on something
If ur enemies were like Traxex and Sniper
Pick Blind than Stat
And how could u buy a direct
demon edge ?
thats 2600
Put 1850 to Helm of Dominator
And put 750 to BoS or GoH
Gloves of Haste for Farming
or BoS for remaining in ur lane
then finish up ur PT( Pow Treads )
Then buy recipes for Lothar or
who said Jah cant catch up with
CK ( Chaos Knight ) ?
He can
You said SY w/ Treads cant catch Chaos w/ Shoes?
LoL he`ll Ran on Him with that item.
remember Dominator + treads + SY
IT can kill Your Chaos knight with battlefury treads or whatever u want to put on Chaos Knight.
All he can do is make Jahrakal stunned for some time
damage him a lot
but u cant kill him 1 on 1 with ur SS
It`s harder to build BKB 1st
Than Domi 1st 2nd Treads and Lothar 3rd.
Ull see
ur focusing on damage
ur not focusing on SURVIVAL
Lifesteal are good for fast attacking heroes.
In this case
Lifesteal benefits Troll a lot.
A lot better with Berserk rage than on STAT with BKB.
U try it on a same hero
BKB + ur buriza
SY DOMI only
ull see who attacks faster and will gain POINTS

5:01 PM

Blogger jaleesa said...

dude u should use helm of dominator...his attack speed makes him an incredible healer =D...den go for treads...obvious reasons...den buriza for damage and black king bar for immunity to damage while u rape em cus without magic damage dey cant do a thing to u when ur healing per second is GODLY

11:03 PM

Blogger Poom said...

I aggree with Ravajj about his skill build but wouldn't this be a better item build?

1.Power threads
2.Vladmir's Offering
4&5.Butterfly or Bruza (in your order)

Because with just the 1st 3 items, I can always farm Roshan at a level as low as 13 and that's when I usually finish all the 1st 3 items. Infact, Most of the games I'm not able to get the 4th or 5th item since the game ended. I don't need any healing items, cuz by then I'm a d*** lifestealer.

(Once I only had 5 hp left but I wanted to get the S&Y Scroll which is only about 30 gold away, so I decided to farm. I turned on Rampage and I filled up to 3/4 of my hp after I was done Farming at level 12. I then was able to get the S&y and I became a powerful killing machine. EVERYONE ON THE OTHER TEAM WAS AFRAID OF ME!!!!!!!)

10:13 PM

Blogger Julius Roland said...

That is a flawed Warlord. For the perfect Troll:


Helm of Iron Will (950)
-Armor and life regen for Troll is BIG.

Mask of Death (900)
-You got a Helm of Dom. +20 damage and 15% lifesteal.

Treads (1950)
-No more sluggish Troll

[Mid game]

Quarterstaff (900)
-+10%Attack Speed and +10 damage(This plus lifesteal increases Troll's survival rate by 80% and killing success rate by 50%)

Eaglehorn (3300)
-+25 agility(Agility = Damage and armor, add lifesteal, and you're a killer)

Butterfly recepie(old), Talisman of Evasion(new)(1800)
-The Butterfly gives 30 agility, 30 damage, and 30% attack speed. (The essence of the Warlord is damage, attack speed and lifesteal.)

*Note: At this point, you're pretty much invincible.

[Late game]

Butterfly (3300 + 900 + 1800)
-One Butterfly is good, but 2 is SOOOOO much better. Double the benefits.

*Note: The Warlord is very flexible. Use the right items for the right situations. In such, the last 2 items are OPTIONAL.

{OPTIONAL ITEMS and specific situation}

2 MKBs - Again, speed and damage.

1 MKB and a Buriza - For those pesky Tanks.

1 Buriza and Armlet of Mordigian - a battle with stunners, tanks, and nukes.

1 Buriza and Satanic - remember that Helm of dom? Best for tanks, stunners and nukes.

1 Buriza and Lothars - The Warlord is doing it Ninja Style! Also for escaping gangbangs.

1 Buriza (or MKB) and an Assault Cuirass - Ever wanted Troll to be a Tanker-Killer?

1 Buriza and a Divine Rapier - For those who are really sure that they can't be killed

*Now every enemy will be saying: "Watch out for the Troll".

The essence of Troll: "Hit hard, Hit fast, Lifesteal"

Skill distribution:

1- Fervor
2- Berserker's Rage
3- Fervor
4- Berserker's Rage
5- Fervor
6- Rampage(old)/Battle Trance(new)
7- Fervor
8- Berserker's Rage
9- Berserker's Rage
10- Stats
11- Rampage(old)/Battle Trance(new)
12-15 - Stats
16- Rampage(old)/Battle Trance(new)
17-21- Stats
22-25- Blind

Final Tip:
Say or type: "Warlord Supremacy!!!!!"

1:14 PM

Blogger ryan said...

I'm a beginner. I'll try...

8:29 PM

Blogger heartrob2009 said...

hey, troll warlord is very easy hero, the item for him is threads, lothars, tarassque, butterfly, buriza de kyanon!!! you should hear holy shit, beyond godlike!! someone kill him!!! ^_^

10:08 PM

Blogger Jek2x said...

not yet so easy to use if your opponent has the skills that can stops I suggest one of the option is the avatar..This avatar item will be a great help if it is paired with lothar's edge in escaping for Gangbangs

2:16 PM

Blogger Jek2x said...

Jarakal is one of my best heroes in lane...but i do not use this in every battle that i have because i always select random hero...

Jarakal is the best hero that i see...except void...

2:19 PM

Blogger Marvin said...

jahrakal is the strongest hero at close range. Jahrakal prioritize speed in attack. Buriza and the Butterfly is the best item for jahrakal because it adds extra damage, avoids, attack extra speed, and the most dangerous is critical. if he had the item, he is invisible and owning in the land. Remember, jahrakal should have extra attack speed and Lifesteal.

1:50 PM

Blogger Gabriel Leonardo Beber said...

The best troll is when:

1. Power Trads
2. Lothars
3. MKM
4. ButterFly
5. Buriza
6. Sange & Yasha

Power Trads is good to his atack speed, damed, your speed, it have so agillity to early.
Lothars is really good, can kill fast, run is you go in a trap, take the backstable to kill easy.
MKM is to stun more, have more atack, good to the time when the hero is not stuned.
ButterFly: he will have a don't belived damed. Fast atack speed and with blind, around 70% miss.
Buriza you will have a nicest critical, making aroud 750 damed.
Sanga & Yasha, you have a more Atack speed = More stuns, the inimig cant atack, he die stuned. It inprovise your damed, too.

lvl.1 = Fervor – SHORTCUTKEY – NA (PASSIVE)

lvl.2 = Berserker Rage – SHORTCUT KEY: G

lvl.3 = Fervor – SHORTCUTKEY – NA (PASSIVE)

lvl.4 = Berserker Rage – SHORTCUT KEY: G

lvl.5 = Fervor – SHORTCUTKEY – NA (PASSIVE)

lvl.6 = Rampage – SHORTCUT KEY - R

lvl.7 = Fervor – SHORTCUTKEY – NA


lvl.8 = Berserker Rage – SHORTCUT KEY: G

lvl.9 = Blind –SHORTCUT KEY - D

lvl.10 = Berserker Rage – SHORTCUT KEY: G

lvl.11 = Rampage – SHORTCUT KEY - R

lvl.12 = Blind –SHORTCUT KEY - D

lvl.13 = Blind –SHORTCUT KEY - D

lvl.14 = Blind –SHORTCUT KEY - D

lvl.15 = Stats

lvl.16 = Rampage – SHORTCUT KEY - R

lvl.17 = Stats

lvl.18 = Stats

lvl.19 = Stats

lvl.20 = stats

lvl.21 = Stats

lvl.22 = Stats

lvl.23 = Stats

lvl.24 = Stats

lvl.25 = Stats

This is, i think the perfect troll.

1:45 AM

Blogger Gabriel Leonardo Beber said...

The best troll is when:

1. Power Trads
2. Lothars
3. MKM
4. ButterFly
5. Buriza
6. Sange & Yasha

Power Trads is good to his atack speed, damed, your speed, it have so agillity to early.
Lothars is really good, can kill fast, run is you go in a trap, take the backstable to kill easy.
MKM is to stun more, have more atack, good to the time when the hero is not stuned.
ButterFly: he will have a don't belived damed. Fast atack speed and with blind, around 70% miss.
Buriza you will have a nicest critical, making aroud 750 damed.
Sanga & Yasha, you have a more Atack speed = More stuns, the inimig cant atack, he die stuned. It inprovise your damed, too.

lvl.1 = Fervor – SHORTCUTKEY – NA (PASSIVE)

lvl.2 = Berserker Rage – SHORTCUT KEY: G

lvl.3 = Fervor – SHORTCUTKEY – NA (PASSIVE)

lvl.4 = Berserker Rage – SHORTCUT KEY: G

lvl.5 = Fervor – SHORTCUTKEY – NA (PASSIVE)

lvl.6 = Rampage – SHORTCUT KEY - R

lvl.7 = Fervor – SHORTCUTKEY – NA


lvl.8 = Berserker Rage – SHORTCUT KEY: G

lvl.9 = Blind –SHORTCUT KEY - D

lvl.10 = Berserker Rage – SHORTCUT KEY: G

lvl.11 = Rampage – SHORTCUT KEY - R

lvl.12 = Blind –SHORTCUT KEY - D

lvl.13 = Blind –SHORTCUT KEY - D

lvl.14 = Blind –SHORTCUT KEY - D

lvl.15 = Stats

lvl.16 = Rampage – SHORTCUT KEY - R

lvl.17 = Stats

lvl.18 = Stats

lvl.19 = Stats

lvl.20 = stats

lvl.21 = Stats

lvl.22 = Stats

lvl.23 = Stats

lvl.24 = Stats

lvl.25 = Stats

This is, i think the perfect troll.

1:46 AM

Blogger Gabriel Leonardo Beber said...

The best troll is when:

1. Power Trads
2. Lothars
3. MKM
4. ButterFly
5. Buriza
6. Sange & Yasha

Power Trads is good to his atack speed, damed, your speed, it have so agillity to early.
Lothars is really good, can kill fast, run is you go in a trap, take the backstable to kill easy.
MKM is to stun more, have more atack, good to the time when the hero is not stuned.
ButterFly: he will have a don't belived damed. Fast atack speed and with blind, around 70% miss.
Buriza you will have a nicest critical, making aroud 750 damed.
Sanga & Yasha, you have a more Atack speed = More stuns, the inimig cant atack, he die stuned. It inprovise your damed, too.

lvl.1 = Fervor – SHORTCUTKEY – NA (PASSIVE)

lvl.2 = Berserker Rage – SHORTCUT KEY: G

lvl.3 = Fervor – SHORTCUTKEY – NA (PASSIVE)

lvl.4 = Berserker Rage – SHORTCUT KEY: G

lvl.5 = Fervor – SHORTCUTKEY – NA (PASSIVE)

lvl.6 = Rampage – SHORTCUT KEY - R

lvl.7 = Fervor – SHORTCUTKEY – NA


lvl.8 = Berserker Rage – SHORTCUT KEY: G

lvl.9 = Blind –SHORTCUT KEY - D

lvl.10 = Berserker Rage – SHORTCUT KEY: G

lvl.11 = Rampage – SHORTCUT KEY - R

lvl.12 = Blind –SHORTCUT KEY - D

lvl.13 = Blind –SHORTCUT KEY - D

lvl.14 = Blind –SHORTCUT KEY - D

lvl.15 = Stats

lvl.16 = Rampage – SHORTCUT KEY - R

lvl.17 = Stats

lvl.18 = Stats

lvl.19 = Stats

lvl.20 = stats

lvl.21 = Stats

lvl.22 = Stats

lvl.23 = Stats

lvl.24 = Stats

lvl.25 = Stats

This is, i think the perfect troll.

1:46 AM

Blogger Ken said...

OMG u r soo damn fucking noob.. whatever your name is... can u pls come over to my country and i'll let u suck my balls? for god's sake u better stick to Mario or pokemon b4 playing dota? Best if u stick with legos instead.. u r such a fucking noob hai!!! u r a world-class SOHAI!!! u noe wad is sohai? sohai is u!!! u r a sohai!!! l;et me get that clear again.. U R A SOHAI!!! seriously if troll was a real character in this world he would've fucked u like mad.. :D all due respect but seriously, play lego.. it's better.. good luck, sohai =) all the best ^^

9:03 AM

Blogger JOCO said...

item build
-helm of the dominator
-lothar's edge
-power threads
-assault cuirass
-(your choice, though i would prefer a bloodstone or linken's)

skill build
2-berserker rage
4-berserker rage
6-battle trance
7-berserker rage
9-berserker rage(max)
11-battle trance
16-battle trance

first item is ALWAYS domi. u need to stay in the lane and farm farm farm. u need domi for healing and survivability. now let me tell u this, if u play good enough at early game u have domi, at level 2 battle trance u can use roshan as ur well, roshan will heal you if u attack him with battle trance. and WRONG!!! with lothars, and threads, jah is fast and when u get lothars agi and int heroes can be owned at level 6 with ur battle trance. with domi ur hp will go up while the enemy heroes hp goes down when he is bashed with berserker rage hes helpless. and its STUPID to put cranium basher as the bash doesnt stack.

why butterfly-attack speed duh. the faster u attack the more chance of bashing plus cuirass ur very hard to kill and u get so much attack speed that bash can happen so often. with jah attack speed is way more important that damage because more attack speed will mean more bash.
example: u attack 5 times dealing 150 damage in 5 seconds =750 damage in 5 seconds with approximately 50% chance of bash
u attack 10 times with 75 damage in 5 seconds=750 damage with almost a guaranteed bash

if u still have money buy linkens if there are stunners or bloodstone for mana regen. if ur willing to risk a rapier then go for it but do satanic first. i swear on my dead body satanic in late game will own absolutely everyone. that unholy rage with 175% lifesteal for 3.5 seconds ROCK!!! u heal faster than u deal damage IF and only if u dont get stunned. well whats the linkens for.

if u cant farm like a pro. then this is not for u

10:29 PM

Blogger AmY Da SoneT said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:15 PM

Blogger AmY Da SoneT said...

when i play troll, i found it really hard to help my team in early game.. why ha?? just need to farm in early or what?

6:17 PM


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