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Guide to Rhasta - The Shadow Shaman

Once a gifted troll witch doctor, young Rhasta was well versed with the secrets of voodoo magic. When the war between the Sentinel and the Scourge began, Rhasta, then a Shadow Hunter, offered his allegiance to the Sentinel to vanquish the Scourge once and for all. While he was gifted as a Witch Doctor, Rhasta is a genius as a Shadow Hunter, exceeding his master by mastering the art of summoning multiple serpent wards, binding enemies for a short time and casting elemental lightning to several units.

IPB Image

Writer's Note:
Rhasta is a very flexible and versatile hero. He is the only natural pusher, support caster and hero killer all rolled into one malnourished frame. The best disabler in the whole game of dota. But, you'll be needing to hone your ward trapping skills to use him efficiently. tongue.gif

Range: 500 | | Move Speed: 275 | Primary: INT
Str: 16 + 1.6 | Agi: 16 + 1.6 | Int: 21 + 3
Damage: 42 - 49 | HP: 454 | Mana: 273
HP Regen: 0.73 | Mana Regen: 0.85
Attack Speed: 1.43 (+ 16% IAS) | Armor: 1.3

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1. Best Disabler (Yes, no one else could come close tongue.gif )
2. Can kill most hero unit 1 on 1 even 3 levels up.
3. Strong early and mid game on his own. An asset late game to your team.
4. Not really item dependent, compared to other heroes.
5. Can singlehandedly turn the tides of the battle.

1. Very very fragile.
2. Very very fragile.
3. Slow movespeed, 2nd in the game after Techies.
4. Need practice and good general dota knowledge to harness his full potential.
5. #1 target of enemies in team battles.

B. Skill Description

IPB ImageForked Lightning (R )
Calls forth a cone of lightning, hitting multiple enemy units for damage.

Level 1 - 75 damage to 3 targets.
Level 2 - 150 damage to 4 targets.
Level 3 - 225 damage to 5 targets.
Level 4 - 300 damage to 7 targets.
Mana Cost: 95/ 105/ 135/ 160
Cooldown: 10

Standard Multiple Nuke. It's better than Arc Lightning and Chain Lightning.

IPB ImageVoodoo (D)
Transforms an enemy unit into a random critter, disabling special abilities.

Level 1 - Lasts 1 seconds.
Level 2 - Lasts 2 seconds.
Level 3 - Lasts 3 seconds.
Level 4 - Lasts 4 seconds.
Mana Cost: 110 / 140 / 170 / 200
Cooldown: 13

Best gotten Mid-Late Game, because a 200 mana costing disable for 4 seconds is damn hell expensive!

IPB ImageHero Shackles (E)
Magically binds a target enemy, so that it cannot move or attack and deals 40 damage per second. Channeling spell.

Level 1 - Lasts 2.5 seconds.
Level 2 - Lasts 3.25 seconds.
Level 3 - Lasts 4 seconds.
Level 4 - Lasts 4.75 seconds.
Mana Cost: 110/ 130/ 155/ 185
Cooldown: 15

Rhasta’s signiture skill. This provides the disable that every enemy hates. Free hits for 4.75 seconds from your allied creeps and heroes. The new shackles now has damage, at level four it’s around 160. This skill plus voodoo will make you the number one target of your enemy and the most valuable ally of your team.

IPB ImageMass Serpent Ward (W)
Summons 8 immobile serpentine wards to attack enemies. The wards last 30 seconds, deal piercing damage (200% damage to creeps, 50% damage to heroes and 35% damage to buildings) and are immune to magic. Each ward has a range of 600 and has 0 armor type Heavy. With Scepter Rhasta can summon 12 wards.

Level 1 - Deals 39-43 damage, 135 hp each.
Level 2 - Deals 54-58 damage, 150 hp each.
Level 3 - Deals 69-73 damage, 150 hp each.
Mana Cost: 200/ 350/ 610
Cooldown: 120

The skill that made Rhasta famous, just let your imaginations run wild with what you can do with portable mini towers. More details on how to use this skill see strategies and how to ward trap.

C. Skill Build

lvl 1 – Forked Lightning
lvl 2 - Hero Shackles
lvl 3 – Forked Lightning
lvl 4 - Hero Shackles
lvl 5 – Forked Lightning
lvl 6 – Mass Serpent Ward
lvl 7 – Forked Lightning
lvl 8 - Hero Shackles
lvl 9 - Hero Shackles
lvl 10 - Voodoo
lvl 11 – Mass Serpent Ward
lvl 12 - Voodoo
lvl 13 - Voodoo
lvl 14 – Voodoo
Lvl 15- Stats
lvl 16 – Mass Serpent Ward
lvl 17-25 - Stats

This is my favorite skill build, no matter what the circumstances may be, I would probably always use this skill build.

Skill Build Q&A:
1. Why max out Forked Lightning First?

Forked Lightning is the only single nuke that Rhasta can make; hence the finishing/harassing/farming skill. We'll be spamming this a lot early game.
2. Why Shackles as second priority?
Forked Lightning is better because it is a 300 damage nuke in a large area. Wards with a level 2 shackles is sufficient to ensure a kill. And shackles is better than voodoo because of it's longer duration of disable, the 160 damage it can deal and the cheaper mana cost.
I would learn 1 level of voodoo though in place of shackles if there are heroes with crazy channeling spells in my lane, like Sand King or Crystal Maiden, to stop them from using thier ultimates

3. Would it be good to ignore one of his skills and go for stat first?
No, Rhasta needs skills not stats. Compared to other heroes, all of Rhasta's skills are excellent. No reason at all not to learn them all.

D. Items

IPB Image

This is the desired item build, should you have completed this build you can opt to buy items in advance item section.

D.1. Core Items:
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

Brief explanation for Core items:

1. IPB Image Boots of Speed
Self explainatory.

2. IPB Image Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Main player for ward trapping, this would also give you the needed mana regen. With this item, you would become one of the most feared heroes in the game, due to the near 100% accuracy for ward trapping.

3.IPB Image Soul Booster
Most cost effecient way of buffing up Rhasta.

4. IPB Image Dagger of Escape


Well for being a pusher, hero killer and support caster, Rhasta pays for it dearly with having so low hp pool and so slow movespeed. The dagger almost cancels that weakness. Take note though that it is only a 700 range blink ability with 25 sec cooldown. The importance of this item would be better discussed in Rakulei’s guide.
QUOTE(Rakulei @ Oct 31 2005, 11:52 AM) *

1) Stunned with 4 heroes running in lustily to tear apart whatever little skin from your puny frame? Voodoo the nearest Hero and blink goodbye. Oh wait, just blink goodbye =)
2) Enemy hero running away with red health; the creeps refuse to budge, intent on doing their best to get in your way; he is disappearing from your sight; you grow increasingly desperate… Just blink up and Forked Lightning for a deserved kill.
3) Allied hero needs desperately to escape from that pesky Chaos Knight who won’t stop Blink-Striking. Blink in, Voodoo, get a few hits in and Shackle him for your ally to get his revenge.
4) Enemy hero fights a losing battle with your ally and proceeds to activate his Mask of Madness, gleefully running away, taking the time to turn back with a middle-finger raised. Blink in and Shackle him for the kill your ally deserves. Please refrain from returning the favour of the middle-finger. Its bad manners.

5. IPB Image Necronomicon
Price per Upgrade:1300
Necrobook is made for Rhasta (same as Euls and Scepter). Level 3 Necrobook gives 24 Int and 14 Str! Nice. Please don't forget that level 3 necrosummons have True Sight.

IPB Image

Please take note however, that I already have a level 3 necrobook on Level 16 and that Viper has frenzy on.

Both the Necrosummons deals 77/152/227 damage per normal attack. The Shackles + Necrosummons combo deals 555/912/1268 for the whole duration. It can be followed up by Voodoo, Guinsoo, Forked Lightning, Blink and Repeat everything. LOL, the possiblity is endless!

6. IPB Image Chick
First thing to buy from the fountain. Call for flasks delivery whenever you need it.

D.2. Advance Items:

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
Brief Explanation for each Item:

1. IPB ImageGuinsoo's Scythe of Vyse
After the charges in Eul’s are used up. 150% mana regen? Yes please. Double hex? Ownage!!!

2. IPB Image Aghanim’s Scepter
The much needed boosts in hp and mana would surely be a welcome to fatten up this skinny troll. And with additional 4 hissers, ward trapping is easier.

3. IPB Image Aegis of the Immortal
Almost an essential item for most heroes late game.

4. IPB Image Boots of Travel
Whenever I buy this item, I just feel rich… tongue.gif
Chaos Knight threw chaos bolt at you? He’s rushing madly with his ally Anti-Mage to tear your small frame into pieces? You have a red life, dagger would not save you. Just Voodoo Magina and Sheepstick Nessaj, and ask them to guard you from harm as you teleport away. Then it is important that you type tongue.gif

Advance Item Q&A

1. Why these four items?
Cyclone Stick to Sheepstick, Soul Booster to Scepter, BoS to BoT and Aegis being integral late game.

2. Then why didn't you just directed to Bot, Sheepstick and Scepter?
Because I would like to stress the financial feasibility that in most games you would only have those final items in the core item section.

IV.c. Other items worth Considering (in no particular order):

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
Brief Explanation for Each Item:

1. IPB Image Mekansm
How important is this item to Rhasta? This was part of the original core items but after much review it has been moved here. smile.gif
QUOTE(alanrulez) *
You seem to have this misconception that Mekansm solves the problem of low hp. It doesn't!!

Well said Alan. How many times has it been when a Morted Blink Striked at me dealing 900+ damage or a Lina Inverse doing his combo skill that i was unable to hit the Meka Button.
Although Mekansm is generally good for most heroes with high intelligence and low hp, Rhasta on the other hand needs all the mana he can get to perform his unending disables and his mana consuming ward techniquies. Anyway the 'revitalize' ability

When to buy this Item? When you are positive early game that you can't complete the core items. It may be wise to forego Necronomicon and go for all out defense.

2. IPB Image Manta Style
Manta has the same concept as Necro. Here are among the possible uses of this item.

1. Voodoo, Wards, Split Image, 3 Rhastas attack the ward trap hero = Dead enemy
2. Necro, Split Image, Shackles, Necro and 2 Rhastas attacking = Dead enemy
3. Split Image, Blink in, Shackles, 2 Rhastas attacking, Voodoo and Guinsoo with 3
Rhastas attacking = Dead enemy

IPB Image

This is perhaps the most controversial item in here, but yes I do recommend getting it and I will answer the usual ?#@%! questions about it.

1. Manta Style is not for Rhasta! It is only for Naga you noob.
Why not? If you look at my item build, it gathers items increasing overall stats always, which images loves.
2. Too obvious, everyone will see who the real Rhasta is because he has a channeling spell.
Who cares. If you've disabled everybody and you have the wards beside you. I think what everyone's thought in mind is trying to get away from you.
3. Is this item more offensively used or more defensively?
Offensively. The concept is increasing Rhasta's firepower by calling in more units to do damage during your insanely combo wards technique. It does not necessary have to be for 1 on 1 battles, images could still be useful during team battles.
4. Probably, but you get it so late in the game. It loses it's power.
Does Medusa's purge get weak late game? No, so same for diffusal. Does naga's images get weak late game? No, it is always a percentage of yourself. And gathering that my item build suits image buffing, then no it does not get weak late game.
5. Heck, I could go refresher, scepter, dagger, mass euls, aegies/divine, etc. etc. etc. than buy this item.
What if you have an Omniknight enemy? Or a Sven or Clinks? Purge is the answer for them.
6. Range Images do not have feedback? Didn't you know that?
I small benefit lost. He can't have it all.
7. Having low agi means less firepower for images.
The fact that attack speed provides diminishing returns then a plus 10 agi would be a lot.
8. AoE> images. Enemies like QoP and Leshrac would easily counter your images.
Not if you disabled them first and killed them.

When to buy this item? If you're team badly needs to have purge in your arsenal.

3. IPB Image Refresher Orb
The Aghanims/Refresher Combo, 24 instant snakes. Good for defending you're base and wiping out their base. However, I am not a big fan of this combo, look for the optional item build for my reasons why.
Please remember that Rhasta could not support such mana intensive technique such as snakes refresh snakes. So only buy a refresher if you have either a Soul Booster or a Guinsoo.

When to buy this item? After you have completed Scepter and Necrobook and Guinsoo. Only then would this be really useful.

4. IPB Image Eul’s Scepter of Divinity
I’ve been thinking about it, but going for mass Eul’s isn’t that bad. Though it’s been ages since I last did this, thunderfall reminded me of it. 12 charges of cyclone are usually enough to last you throughout the game, and with this item you could now disable 5 heroes max! And the additional +18 int and +100% mana regen is nothing to laugh about. The only problem I see is after the charges are used up, the item would have no further value, and you can’t have 2 Guinsoo can you. But here’s something to think about, in most case you would use Voodoo and Hex from Guinsoo, so it means that the charges here are really for those ‘crucial times’.
edit: with the recent cost increase in Eul's for v.6.33, going for double Eul's may not be advisable anymore
edit2: with the recent cost decrease of Eul's, it is still advisable.
When to buy this item?
If the enemy team only relies on 1 hero. Double Euls to cyclone him forever in battles.

5. IPB Image Linken's Sphere
Linken's Sphere adds a little bit of everything. I suggest getting it if you are the type of person who don't like the dagger and who often buys a perseverance.
When to buy this item? When you're not a Dagger person, and you often buy a perseverance (Are there still people who do this?).

Other Items worth Considering Q&A:

1. How about EoS?

EoS gives +25 to all stats and other such boosts, but wouldn’t it be better to have just an Aghanim’s instead? It’s cheaper, and gives more relevant bonuses. Anyway you wouldn’t need frost attack since most of the time your shackling someone. And if you ask me, if you're looking for the best orb effect item for Rhasta, it would be Curroption, since it complements the wards and necro.

2. No dagon? Rhasta’s an Int and no Dagon?
Ah Dagon… So easy to use, just click it and point the hero and Voala, damage done. This item is good, but is not suitable for Rhasta. Dagon would be out of place in your combo skills (and if you notice, Rhasta needs all the mana that he can get, since his first three skills has a very fast cooldown, you just spam and spam forked lightning with the disables, so why would you need Dagon?). Anyway compare Dagon to Necronomicon, Necro is much better, it costs less, gives more relevant stat (we’d rather have a + for str than a plus from damage for Rhasta), it has less mana cost, and can deal more damage than Dagon (check out the necrobook section above).

3. I was thinking of Lothar's instead of Eul's for Ward Trapping. What do you think?

If you think your so cool that you've thought about that, well it is almost common knowledge among Rhasta users of Invis ward Trapping.
Anyway Lothar's Against Euls. Lothar's provides no mana regen which is very very essential to Rhasta. Lothar's does not give +Int to Rhasta which is also very much needed because without items adding to Int and increasing Rhasta's mana pool, he would be unable to complete his combo techniques. Lothar's provide no real benefits that is needed by Rhasta. And of course the cost 3800 vs that of Eul's which is only 2350.
Okay, you can argue that Invis Ward Trapping is fun, but what is more fun is blinking ward trapping. Try it, it's more challenging.

4. Do my eyes deceive me or do I see another Euls?

Yup, for mass euls. Read the Euls section to find out the reason why.

5. You removed Stygian in the list?

Yes, it took too much attention. smile.gif The problem with stygian is you're paying 5000 gold for the orb effect only! Pricey.

6. Where are all the cheap items? RoB, Nulls, HoR, Flasks, Scrolls, etc.?

I didn't want to include them since I wouldn't want to lengthen this lengthy guide so I'll just add them here. RoB is not good for Rhasta if you are aiming for the mana regen because it gives a static 0.65 mana regen. Generally, for all heroes a sobi mask regenerates more mana than a RoB when your int reaches 33. At level 5, Rhasta's Int is at 33 without items! Computation? Here:
Sobi Mask at Int 33
Regeneration from Base Regeneration = 0.01MP/sec
Regeneration from Intelligence = 33*0.04 = 1.32MP/sec
Regeneration from Sobi Mask = 1.32MP/sec *0.5 = 0.66MP/sec

RoB at Int 33
Regeneration from Base Regeneration = 0.01MP/sec
Regeneration from Intelligence = 33*0.04 = 1.32MP/sec
Regeneration from RoB = 0.65MP/sec

About nulls, i think bracers are better due to Rhasta's shitty hp. And anyway all other items you purchase are for Int so its better to buy bracers than nulls.

D.4 Item Build/Buying Order:

IPB Image

IPB Image

Core Items

IPB Image

Dream Items

Of course, I don't expect anyone to complete this build. But the item build should be leaning towards this final items.

Some Notes on Buying Order:

You'll be asking your chicken to deliver you flasks to regen life. Get a Voidstone ASAP to spam forked lightning. It is no longer needed to rush Euls due to it's price increase. You may want to complete Necronomicon first.

D.5. Optional Item Build:
Here are among other optional item builds for those not satisfied with the core items. Please choose the one that fits your taste.

IPB Image

Total Cost = 14625

Ahh… The traditional Shaman build. Well, we can’t go wrong with this item build. Pretty much most Rhasta users go for this build. It has almost everything we’ll need, significant increase in hp and mana pool with hp and mana regen, easier ward trapping due to additional 4 snakes and an additional disable. This build is probably famous for the many screen shots of the 24 snakes destroying the enemy base or defending your base (Did you know? Wards deals piercing damage. Meaning to buildings, they only deal 35% damage, to heroes 50%)

Why is the first build better: This build is reliant in ward trapping, without wards you are only a moving food to everybody. With wards cooling down, you are a gun without a bullet, and you’ll have to wait to reload again for 120 seconds in order to push. You’d die most of the time too, a mage disabler with slow movespeed and no escape mechanism can’t be expected to live every team battles don’t you think? And without the mana burn and true sight from Necronomicon, expect windwalkers and blinkers and tanks to get away from the trap late game, not to mention each ward would die with just 1 hit from each hero during that time.

IPB Image

Total Cost = 13700 (Necro Level 3)

The army build. A totally different Rhasta, not reliant in ward trapping, in fact you probably wouldn’t need the wards the whole game with this build (unless Necronomicon is cooling down or during team battles). Less players knows this build, which means that they are totally unaware of the power that this build can do, and most likely they don’t have any counters for this.

Why is the first build better: Same problem as above, no escape mechanism, less chance of survival. Also without the dagger, you’d have to walk up to the hero in order to cast necro, manta and shackles. Pros would immediately think that you’re on to something when you are walking towards them. This build would also require more micromanagement for the necro and the images, not really newbie friendly.

IPB Image

Total Cost = 13634

Ahh… My old time favorite build. The traditional blinking shaman build, a good build for new Rhasta users. Easier ward trapping, escape mechanism, significant increase in hp and mana pool with regen. What more could we ask for?
Please remember: If you feel that you are being dominated... or get killed easily. Go for this build.

Why is the first build better: Answer the question, “What more could we ask for?” We could ask for another ability that doesn’t require us to use wards. And how about those pesky windwalkers and blinkers and tanks, are we going to just let them dominate us late game? Necronomicon is a must have in our arsenal.
In short, this build is strong early, but late game...

E. Walk Through

E.1. Early Game

I like the center lane with a partner. Reason is that there are less playing room, with your 275 movespeed you wouldn't want to walk so much back to your tower in case of trouble. Partner is prefered to maximize shackles.
Surprise enemy heroes when they come too close to you tower by shackling them (that is, when most of their creeps are gone so that the dumb tower will attack them) or when you have a partner with you. But that only happens once in a while. Just harass the enemy with forked. Remember, as an early game hero it is your duty to deny your enemies those experience and gold. Do the basics in farming, and use your advantage as a range hero. Try not to get hit by the enemy creeps and towers as much as possible. Should some unfortunate incident made you lost hp, then use the flasks, very valuable for rhasta early game.


IPB Image

Things to Remember during this part of the Game:
1. Get a void stone ASAP.
2. Complete the Voidstone into a Euls.
3. Harass your enemy lane partner with Forked Lightning. 2 to 3 forked lightning would force your enemy lane partner to go back to the fountain. Do it again and again and rely on your Voidstone/Euls for the mana regen.

E.2. Mid Game

Mid Game is where you shine. This is Rhasta, at his glorious time (if you get dominated this time of the game, well… its something a bit unheard of). This is the time that you’ve just recently acquired your Cyclonestick, possibly with 6 charges full, and this is the time where the lethality of the wards is at their height. However, Cyclones are very very important to Rhasta. And the 6 charges from it I really reserved for team battles, (but I also use it sometimes against a single hero, when I felt like its been awhile since I last spilled blood). Mid Game, whenever I leave my lane (Either because I died, went to buy something, help a teammate, etc.) I’m always looking at the map as to who may be potential victims to my wards or my Necro.

Things to Remember during this part of the Game:
1. Be the most dominating player in the game, by hero hunting and farming in every oppurtunity possible. Make the enemies know that you are to be feared. Kill those enemies who outlevel you by doing the cyclone+wards+shackles combo.
2. You can also deal with 2 heroes at once. See below.

E.3. Late Game

Late game is where fat heroes and quick damaging killers dominate. In these cruel times, what would a troll shaman do? Neither having high hp or fast AS. One thing that doesn’t change throughout the game is the power of your disables. Remember that you can permanently disable 1 hero until he dies.

IPB Image 13 sec cooldown, hex for 4 seconds
IPB Image 15 sec cooldown, shackles for 4.75 seconds
IPB Image 23 sec cooldown, hex for 3 seconds

IPB Image + IPB Image + IPB Image= 11.75 seconds disable

With voodoo, shackles, guinsoo the cooldown for the next voodoo would be over by now. Rinse and repeat.
Of course, it works in paper, but the reality is that you hardly would have the chance to permanently disable a hero, due to the fact that all heroes push/stick together during this time of the game. So take full responsibility of being a support hero, by disabling at most 3 heroes in every team pushes. More strategies are presented below, in V.e. Team Battles.

During this part of the game, push with your allies. You’ll shine more when you have your friends with you. Going solo this time of the game probably means suicide.

Things to Remember during this part of the Game:
1. Never ever ever go solo, always go with a team mate.
2. Should circumstances provide you a 1 on 1 battle, then do not be afraid, you have unending disables. Thier life could only last so much...


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saw your items and there is an item that requires "killing roshan". did you kill him 1on1? or those set of item/level is enough to bring the giant down?

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i hope my friend dont see this!!
if he see this i'm surely defeated
can you tell the weakness of rhasta more specifically in one on one battle

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dear nabs, this guide is from ancient version where everything was different, aegis was possible to buy, scepter had as ingrendiend euls etc etc.. its outdated... and anyway its wrriten by guy who isnt thinking realistic...

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i think this is a great think , with use the manta style to copy of rhasta , and then rhasta to lock the enemy by ultimate skill and use the skill number 3 to lock the enemy for the longer time...

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i think he's just using his mind. computing mana costs and cool down is effective.
IT is essential to have knowledge, then after that.. our skills and attitude, (being the character). ^^ i admire your guide.
it's not just being realistic or what, BUT at least he is thinking, UNLIKE other players keep on playing not knowing what the strategies are.

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