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Guide to Aggron Stonebreaker - The Ogre Magi

Aggron Stonebreaker – Fear the Multicast!

IPB Image

Aggron Stonebreaker - The Ogre Magi
Range: 100 | | Move Speed: 295 | Primary: INT
Str: 22 + 2.75 | Agi: 14 + 1.55 | Int: 17 + 1.9
Damage: 46 - 52 | HP: 568 | Mana: 221
HP Regen: 0.91 | Mana Regen: 0.69
Attack Speed: 1.46 (+ 14% IAS) | Armor: 4

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Table of Contents:
[SkillB]Skill Build
[ItemB]Item Build
[GameWalk]Gameplay Walkthrough
[A&E]Allies and Enemies
[CtrA]Countering Aggron StoneBreaker

IPB Image[IntRD] Introduction

Hi guys.. welcome to this revised Aggron guide. After taking a few months break from DOTA I decided to give this guide a second look and update things here and there. There aren’t really drastic changes, just some update in regarding how I play this hero, and just removing some of the cheesy part. (Sorry about them sad.gif )

Let me start by revising what I said the first time: Aggron is not a hero killer.A hero who’s biggest killing asset is only chance-based is not a killer. Yes, you will end up getting lots of kills here and there, but that’s not your primary goal.

One thing I stand by though, is that Aggron is SO fun! If you play him correctly you are an invaluable asset to your team. You have stun with a really short durations, An area slow + damage overtime, a DPS boosting skill that can boosts your whole team’s DPS in an instant, and multicasts are just one of the most satisfying thing in DOTA. What’s there not to like? 

Plenty too actually sleep.gif Aggron is a bad farmed early game. He’s rather big and you may find it hard to move around. His attack animation is rather slow ( although I have not confirmed this per code ) and although multicasts are awesome, when it does not show up it can be really annoying.

IPB Image
The hero description tooltip acknowledges that Aggron is both STRONG and SMART, which translates into DOTA terms: High STR and INT growth. It also acknowledges Aggron’s designed role as a support,.

IPB Image

Very fun to play with
Great late game farmer
High STR growth which compensates for most INT heroes’ weaknesses
Low Cost Mana spell
Awesome ultimate which gives you great hero killing potential
Great Team hero support

Ultimate is based on chance which may turn off some.
Difficulty in farming early game.
Feels so SLLLOOW without blood lust.
Can be harassed early game.
Can be difficult for newbs.

Skills of Aggron

I love all of Aggron’s skills. They’re very complete! You have a nuke, stun, slow, AOE, team booster, and finally your lovely multicast!

IPB Image
Fireblast (F)
Blasts an enemy unit with a wave of fire. Deals intense damage and stuns for 1.5 seconds.
Level 1 - Deals 75 damage.
Level 2 - Deals 125 damage.
Level 3 - Deals 175 damage.
Level 4 - Deals 275 damage.

Remarks: Ogre Magi’s signature nuke. This will be the spell that you get most of your kills from. Maximize this ASAP, spam this on heroes.

Fireblast FAQ

1. What is its mana cost?
ans: Its mana cost is relatively cheap, however it increases as you add level to the skill and as you add level to Multi Cast. Mana cost is 75/85/95/105. With multicast is +30/+50/+30 for a max of 215.

2. What is its cooldown?
Ans: Before your level 1 multi cast its cooldown is 15 seconds. At level 3 multicast its cooldown is 6 seconds. 6 seconds!!

3. What does Multi Cast do to this skill?
Ans: Multicast enables you to cast this skill multiple times at once and also reducing its cooldown by 3 seconds per level. Which means, at level 4 with level 3 Multi Cast + Aghanim Scepter, you actually have 30% chance to deal 1375 damage. Nasty.

4. What if I cast this and Multi Cast doesn’t occur?
Ans: There are many options, but I will have a section on Multi Cast. See below under the ‘techniques’ section.

IPB Image
Ignite (G)
Drenches a target in volatile chemicals, causing it to burst into flames. The target is under immense pain, causing it to take damage and move slower.
Lasts 7.5 seconds.
Level 1 - 10 damage/sec; 10% slow.
Level 2 - 20 damage/sec; 15% slow.
Level 3 - 30 damage/sec; 20% slow.
Level 4 - 40 damage/sec; 25% slow.

Remarks: A very fun and useful spell! At level 4 you can spam this on creepwave to get the gold and you can use this on hero to slow them down while dealing damage overtime. This is also very useful to harass enemy early game.. tongue.gif

Ignite FAQ

1. What is its cooldown? What about mana cost?
ans: I believe its between 12 – 14 seconds when I counted it. Mana cost is 95/ 105/ 115/ 125.

2. What is its Area?
Ans: Multi Cast adds area damage to this skill by 150 per level. Which means at level 3 Multi Cast you have 450 area damage which normally covers the whole creep wave. A very effective farming skill!

3. What does Multi Cast do to this skill?
Ans: Multicast adds 150 range to it per level ( 450 at level 3 multicast ) and nothing more. You can not cast multiple Ignite at once like fireblast, and its cooldown is not reduced either.

5. Would you cast this on a single hero too?
Ans: Absolutely. When you’re bloodlusted, and you ignite enemy hero, you basically have a 75% attack speed advantage. Crazy!

IPB Image
Bloodlust (cool.gif
Incites a frenzy in a friendly unit, increasing its movement speed and attack speed.
Lasts 30 seconds.
Level 1 - Increases attack speed by 20% and movement speed by 10%.
Level 2 - Increases attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 15%
Level 3 - Increases attack speed by 40% and movement speed by 20%
Level 4 - Increases attack speed by 50% and movement speed by 25%

Remarks: Yet another awesome skill. With this skill maximized, you now have 50% extra attack speed and 25% movement speed to give out to teammates or yourself. That is no joke folks! Imagine a team push of all bloodlusted heroes. Scary!

BloodLust FAQ

1. What is its mana cost?
ans: I believe its 75. Either way its so cheap you wont even need to care tongue.gif

2. What is its cooldown?
Ans: Before Multicast level 1, its 20 seconds. At multi cast level 3, its 5 seconds.

3. What does Multi Cast do to this skill?
Ans: It gives you chance to cast this skill multiple times at once and it reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds per level. Which means, you can multi cast your whole team in a 25 second speriod during team battle for a devastating result!

IPB Image
Multi Cast ©
Enables the Ogre Magi to rapidly cast his spells, giving them greater potency. Gives a chance to cast a spell multiple times in one cast.
Fire Blast - reduces cooldown by 3 seconds per level
Bloodlust - reduces cooldown by 5 seconds per level
Ignite - Increases area of effect by 150 per level

Remarks: Absolutely awesome skill. This is what makes you feared. Coupled with Aghanim, you have a HIGH chance to kill another INT or agility hero instantly mid game.

Multicast FAQ

1. OK. Tell me now. Whats my chance?
Ans: At level 1, you have 20% chance for Fireblast or Bloodlust to cast twice. With each level your chance is the same, but your output increases. At level 3 you can cast 4 fireblast in a row.

2. What does Aghanim do to this skill?
Ans: I think Aghanim is very useful for this skill. It adds your chance to 30%, and it enables you to cast 5 times! That’s 1375 damage output folks!

3. What if it doesn’t occur?
Ans: See techniques section.

IPB Image [SkillB] Skill Build

Standard Build

Level 1: Fireblast
Level 2: Ignite
Level 3: Fireblast
Level 4: Ignite
Level 5: Fireblast
Level 6: Multi Cast
Level 7: Fireblast
Level 8: Ignite
Level 9: Ignite
Level 10: BloodLust
Level 11: Multi Cast
Level 12: Bloodlust
Level 13: Bloodlust
Level 14: Bloodlust
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Multi Cast
Level 17: Stats
Level 18: Stats
Level 19: Stats
Level 20: Stats
Level 21: Stats
Level 22: Stats
Level 23: Stats
Level 24: Stats
Level 25: Stats

The Skills Choice FAQ

Although I don’t expect a lot of discussions regarding the skill builds, I’ll list a couple of the frequently asked ones.

1. Why maximize Fireblast early with this build?
ans: Fireblast is your signature nuke. It has a very cheap mana cost, and its your main hero-killing skill. You can use this early game to harass enemy heroes, and at level 6 since multi cast only gives you a chance to do twice, make sure its maximized as soon as you can.

2. Why hold off Bloodlust?
ans: Bloodlust's speed boost early game does not give you significant practicality use, while Ignite, while it must not be used too liberally yet - does give you another nuke/slow that can translate into a few early game kills or at least to harass your enemy.

IPB Image [ItemB]Item Build

When considering item build for a hero, you want to utilize that hero's natural ability (spells and stats) to the max for the build to be effective. Since a good Aggron = multicasts, it make sense to boost your INT, since it gives you mana pool first and foremost, and damage.

Core Item Build

IPB Image IPB Image

Your goal is to complete all three, with the order of completing Eul first, Aghanim, then complete Guinsoo. (note: This is situational. You may complete Guinsoo first if you need to disable your enemy), and finally Boot of Travel.

Items to get in order:

Robe of the Magi [450]
Staff of Wizardy [1000]
Void Stone [900]

[Eul Scepter of Divinity recipe (450) ]

Boot Of Speed [500]

Point Booster, Energy Booster, Vitality Booster (any order) [3300]
Mystic Staff [2900]
[becomes Aghanim Scepter]

QuarterStaff [1150]
Robe of the Magi [450]
Sobi Mask [325]
[becomes Oblivion Staff]

Guinsoo Recipe [450]
[becomes Guinsoo]

Boot of Travel Recipe [2200]

Core Items Descriptions & Explanations

IPB Image
Aghanim Scepter
+ 400 HP
+400 Mana
+30 Intelligence
Improve Multicast into 30% chance and +1 to the repetition potential.

Remarks: One of the better uses, if not the best use, of Aghanim. You now have a 30% potential of dealing1375 damage nuke! Plus the +400 HP and +400 Mana AND the +30 intelligence which also means +30 damage? This is too good to pass up.

NOTE: When calculating the effectiveness of Aghanim, one should not use the concept of expected value, as lh2128 noted. Multi cast is gives you a chance to deal either 275 OR 1375, not some random number. Therefore adding 10% chance to it is a great improvement.

IPB Image
Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse
+150% Mana Regeneration
+25 Intellegence
+35 Damage
Activate: Polymorph
600 Range 3.25 Second Duration
15 Second Cooldown 100 Mana Cost

Remarks: This item benefited Aggron in so many ways. When you still have your cyclones, it can be use as an escape mechanism and also hero killing device. It also provides you the necessary intelligence stats which Aggron needs throughout the game. It gives you 60 additional damage. It also gives you polymorph which you can use in hero killing as well. You don’t want to miss this item.

IPB Image
Boot Of Travel
+90 Run Speed
Active: Teleport
60 Second Cooldown 3 Second Cast Time

Remarks: Boot of Travel is definitely useful for every hero who has capabilities to push lanes. Go to a lane, cast Ignite and clear the creepwaves, and when you sense the enemies are coming after you, teleport to the opposite lane and do the same. This will drive them bananas.

Item choice FAQ

1. Why don’t you go for Aghanim immediately?
Ans: I feel that this is easier and better way to go. Getting Eul gives you additional mana regeneration, cheap INT gain which translates to decent damage, and most importantly the cyclones which will come handy. I’ll explain this in the techniques section

2. Is there any item you would reccomend when going against heavy nuker?
ans: Normally I try to stick with my core item build as much as possible. But when you're constantly being outnuked by that lich or veno, then you might want to add a few basic items to survive your early game stage.. These items can be sold at later stages. This can be done through getting:

- Ring of Regeneration [375]
- Planeswalker's Cloak [650]

These two items will help you out in surviving those early game nukes. ROR of course gives you a decent HP regeneration, while Cloak gives you a 15% spell resistance.

3. Why not complete power treads?
ans: I dont think Treads is that beneficial for Aggron. I would complete Boot Of Travel late game when you already have all your main items.

Late Game Item Build

Most likely you wont get to this point. But for late game, I would offer these three items to you. Explanations below.

IPB Image
+150% Mana Regeneration
+6 HP/Sec Regeneration
+65 Damage
Passive: Cleaving Attack 200 Radius 35% Splash Damage

We all know that since Battlefury was buffed, many people turned to Battlefury in favor of Radiance – and even range heroes are getting Battlefury because its such a good damage item for the money. I too now favor this item as a good late game item for Aggron.

IPB Image
Buriza-do Kyanon | 6200
+75 Damage
Passive: Critical Strike
20% Chance 2.2x Damage Multiplier

Remarks: Blood Lust + Critical = ownage. This item is also worth considering as a late game ownage item.

IPB Image [TchQ]Techniques

How to Farm & Push

Farming can be a difficult thing to do early game. You are slow, suspectible to nukes, and will most likely miss the last hit. The key is to be patient. Practice practice practice to get that last hit.
After you have level 4 Ignite with level 2 Multi Cast, now farming is much easier. Wait until the 2 waves clash, and wait for 3 seconds before you throw your ignite to the creep nearest to you.
NOTE: When hanging back to avoid enemy nuker, make sure you are still within 800 range of the battle to still gain your experience.

Even though the focus of this build is not pushing, pushing is certainly something Aggron does well after he has Blood Lust and Ignite. It can be done with few simple steps:
1. Cast bloodlust on yourself
2. Cast Ignite
3. Cast bloodlust on the ranged creep, followed with the melee creep, etc.
You’ll be pushing far in no time!

After you complete the core items, proceed to complete Boot of Travel and you can create havoc in no time. Cast Ignite on creepwaves and clear them quickly and when you sense (you should know) the enemies are coming after you just teleport to the opposite lane and to the same thing there. This will devastate them.

How to Use Fireblast

Fireblast are meant to be spammed. Therefore you need to do all means neccessary to make sure you can achieve that. In battles, I would spam it whenever its available. You can also use this to run away since this is also a stun.

How to Use Ignite

Ignite has 3 main uses:
1. To push. Whenever possible, always use Ignite in combination with BloodLust so that your creeps dont Kill-steal you. When 2 waves clash cast blood lust, wait for a while and throw ignite to the lowest hp creep to kill it (it deals 40 initial damage) and hit the rest.

2. To chase. Its as simple as it is. Ignite running enemy hero and you'll catch up with it in no time. smile.gif

3. To Intimidate/harass. Ignite has a very intimidating burning effect. Most heroes will run when you ignite them.

Early Game Fibelast-Ignite combo

IPB Image

The screenshots above are a classic case of Good o'le Fireblast-Ignite early game harrasment. Enemies usually dont expect you to spam out nukes that early.. so use that to your advantage. As you can see, I fireblasted Necrolyte when he engaged the creep (giving the creeps a few hits to him), and cast ignite as he runs away with low health.

How to Use BloodLust

BloodLust is what makes Ogre a great supporting hero. The thing that is so underestimated is that basically it makes you a hero on steroid. When Multi Cast occurs, you can a have 5 bloodlusted heroes push!

1. Cast upon yourself to gain the upper hand in farming and battle.
2. Cast on your teamates to buff them.
3. When casting bloodlust, as much as possible stay close to your allies (creeps / heroes) so that if multicasts occur, it wont be wasted.

IPB Image

Never underestimate a band of bloodlusted creeps. Thats what happens here in the first screen. We took down that tower in not time.. note that CM was also Bloodlusted, all from 1 single cast.

Naturally they try to defend.. and Ogre does what he does best.. Fireblast. No Multicasts, no prob. I just keep whacking.

This was fun.. CM Ultied, Alchemist sprayed his acid and SK Epicentered. Area damage FTW. Necro dagon'ed me... no worries.. I continued to whack PL until we finished him off..

And then we killed Necro. happy.gif

How to kill hero [multicasting]

This is probably the most important and most fun technique. The key is Multi Cast, so you have to instill it in your enemies’ minds that you DO have a potential to kill them instantly. This will drive most of them away. So eventhough your Multi Cast does not occur in that first or second spell, they KNOW that it WILL soon. It will be foolish for them not to run away from you in this situation. So in short, here’s what you do, Multi Cast or not.
1. Cast bloodlust on yourself
2. Cast Fireblast. If multicast occurs then they should be red unless it’s a strength hero.
3. Whack whack whack.
4. When the stun period is over, you can either cast Ignite and keep whacking if you are sure to kill them, or Eul them to wait for your fireblast to be ready again.
5. When the Cyclone duration is over, cast Fireblast again.
6. Now if he's still not dead, if you havent cast Ignite cast it now and whack him to death or cast a final fireblast.

Repeat those steps until he dies. Its VERY fun to watch them type : ‘wtfomfgbbqksldkl IMBA’ after your multicast kill them a few times! tongue.gif

IPB Image

In these screens, I already converted my Eul to Guinsoo. No biggie. Necro unassumingly met me at the lane, thinking he can take me 1v1 because of his Scythe.

I casted Ignite to slow his creeps and damage him overtime too, and I casted Fireblast. Luck was with me, the heavenly "MULTICAST" appeared on the screen. Yay.

I approached Neco and started whacking. When the stun is done, I Hex him and continue on. At that time he realized its GG for him.

The hex period is over and guess what? My Fireblast is ready again.

How to defend enemy push

When defending the mid push or whatever lane push, cast Bloodlust whenever available using this priority:
1. Your hero killer allies.
2. Your tank allies.
3. Other allies.
4. Ranged creeps.
5. Melee creeps.

Cast Ignite to create havoc and cast fireblast at their weakest hero. Pray for a multicast. tongue.gif

IPB Image

This was a classic case of Ogre holding enemy pushes and turning the tide. In the first screen you can see the enemy is doing a mid lane push to our base tower.. with PL fully stacked.

PL start multiplying.. and I casted Ignite. I hold my ALT to see which PL's health decrease the lowest. Not easy to spot, but possible.. and this time we got it.

So we started whacking the RIGHT PL and he was probably 'wtf' ?!, and dopplewalked away. Fortunately, we warded out base and can see him. And then, me being Ogre, do what I do best, and thats, of course, Fireblastin.

We finished PL and then continue our chase to his teamate the warlock.. and I casted Ignite to slow him down.

And when Fireblast's cooldown is over, I casted it again.. and zing! Multicast showed up, although if it didnt he would have died anyway smile.gif

How to escape

When you’re backstabbed by a single hero, DO NOT panic unless this hero clearly outlevels or out-items you. Otherwise, you actually have a chance to convert it into a kill! Here’s what you need to do. Immediately cast Fireblast and pray for a multicast. If it occurs, most likely at this point the hero is the one running away. At any event, follow it with Ignite and cast blood lust on yourself, then start whacking the hero.

If you’re ganked by two heroes, Fireblast the stunner (if any) and Ignite the other one. If they catch up to you Eul them and use Blood Lust to run away.

Yes, Double Multicasts do Happen.

IPB Image

Dont be too excited now, I meant 'Consecutive Multicasts' haha..

This time, they did the same ho-hum mid push again.. and I dutifully casted my Ignite. (See how it considerably makes things alot more hectic for them? Ignite pwns)

Whoops, SK ( my ally ) Burrowstiked a hiding Centaur... so I came over.. unsuspectingly fireblasting.. and got a Multicast in. SK got the kill, no biggie.

I ran back to the tower where my other allies are defending.. and we chased them off.. A half health Mercurial is one of them.. I Guinsood him.. and started whacking, and cast fireblast again.. and zing! Multicasts showed up again. Thats one of the rare Double Multicasts I got, but I'll take it.

IPB Image [GameWalk] Gameplay Walkthrough

Early Game (Level 1 – 6)

Recommended Skill:
Level 1: FireBlast
Level 2: Ignite
Level 3: FireBlast
Level 4: Ignite
Level 5: FireBlast
Level 6: Multi Cast
Level 7: Fireblast


I normally prefer mid lane. Get your Robe of the Magi and proceed to mid lane. Since you are big, slow, and melee, expect to be harassed by enemy hero. Do not be afraid, just play cautiously and when you have the chance fireblast / ignite them to say “don’t mess with me.” Hopefully they will back off. If not, just play cautiously and heal if needed.

At level 6, your level 1 Multi Cast is nice, but not yet useful enough for hero killing, so DO NOT go gung ho looking for enemy heroes. Your goal is to get your Eul and leveling up ASAP. If a yellow health enemy hero backstab you (which is foolish) Fireblast them and pray for a Multi Cast, because you will deal him 550 nuke!

Stay in your lane as long as you can because leveling up is very crucial for Aggron. When you retreat or buying items at the base, buy Scroll of Town Portal to go back into battle so you dont lose too much experience. Play it safe at this stage of the game.

IPB Image

Mid Game (Level 7-16)

Recommended Skill:
Level 8: Ignite
Level 9: BloodLust
Level 10: BloodLust
Level 11: Multi Cast
Level 12-14: BloodLust
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Multi Cast


This is when ganking normally starting to happen. Watch out for the minimap for missing heroes. Do not be foolish, you can be killed easily at this time. After you complete your Eul you can be a little more daring in pushing the creepwave because you now have 1 escape mechanism. When ganked, use your eul, fireblast, ignite, everything you have to run away.

After level 11, its hero killing time. You now have the potential to do 825 damage which is already at the level of Laguna and FOD. This is no cheapstake! This is when you need to shine. Actively Fireblast heroes, and finish them off with the hero killing skill I detailed up on the techniques section. You WILL get kills if you do it often and smartly. This is what most enemy don’t expect because a simple nuke can mean death for them.. so use it to your advantage.

Which item shall you get first, Mystic Staff or Soul Booster? Unless you are really confident to your survivability while farming for 2900 or unless you have gathered some major kills during this time I advice you to build up your soul booster. The reason being is that Soul Booster gives you some obvious benefits more than Mystic Staff itself and it is a lot easier to build up. You already have decent mana regeneration, what you want is mana pool and HP and Soul Booster will give you just that. If you decide to get the Mystic Staff first, the key is to play aggresive yet cautious to avoid loss of gold due to unnecessary deaths. Play smart, spam fireblast.

When pushing the mid lane, be generous in Blood-Lusting your enemy hero allies. You will do devastating damage to the lane.

TIPS: When you have around 2500 gold, do not risk uneccesary deaths. Go farm the neutral creeps especially the ancients by the river to get your gold. Grab your mystic staff and heal at your base.

IPB Image

Late Game ( 17 – 25 )

Recommended Skill:
Level 16-25: Stats


After you complete your Aghanim, you are now totally feared. Do the same thing as your mid game strategy, Play smart and spam fireblast! It is totally satisfying to have those hero with 800 remaining HP die immediately because of your multi cast.

At this stage, stick with your teammates since enemies will start to recognize you as their main target. Therefore completing Guinsoo will give you another escape mechanism and a disabling skill. Complete it as soon as possible.

Team battle is happening frequently at this stage of the game, therefore be on your watch for ganking. Always spam your BloodLust to your teamates before going into battle. Push together as a team. Hopefully by this time you are winning already.

Your role in team battle now is to watch for Lower HP INT and Agi enemy heroes. Hex their AGI hero killer and spam fireblast + Ignite for them and call your allies to whack on him. A multicast can ensure your team's victory at this stage of the game.

When you are able to complete boot of travel and the game is not at its final stages yet (some games do last that long), your role is now more of a pusher. Go to one of the side lanes, cast ignite and wipe out creep waves in seconds. This is even more deadly once you complete battlefury. When you cant see your enemies in the minimap and your teamates arent with you, quickly teleport to the opposite lane and repeat the procedure. Your creeps will totally overwhelmed their creeps.

IPB Image

IPB Image [A&E] Allies and Enemies

Best Allies

IPB Image

These heroes works well with Aggron as a team. KOTL’s cakra will supply you with your necessary mana. Other heroes with disables also buys you time for your spell to cool down.

However, from all allies, probably the best allies to you is:
IPB Image
Pugna's Decrepify makes enemy heroes to take 40% extra magic damage! That means your 1375 fireblast multicast now is dealing 1925 damage! (before magic reduct)

Worst Enemies

IPB Image

These STR heroes are the hardest one to take down. Even a multicast would not kill a 3000 HP pudge. You will need help to take them down. From all STR heroes however, the most annoying is:

IPB Image
That’s right. Naix with its Spell Imunity ultimate can be a BIG trouble for you. Be careful when fighting him, and wait until his avatar is done before you attack.

Also, some enemy heroes to watch out for are KOTL with his mana leak, Silencer with its last word and global silence, Traxex and Krobelus with their silence, and Magina with his mana void.

IPB Image [CtrA] Countering Aggron Stonebreaker

How are you going to kill Aggron? First, lets answer this question.

What are Aggron's weaknesses?
There are some indeed.
- Item dependant
- Mana dependant
- Mostly Magic damage
- Poor farmer

Considering those points, there are a few tips on countering a good Aggron player.

2. Do not foolishly engage him 1v1, especially when he has full mana..
Unless you are a STR hero with extra high HP or a hero killer with high damage, do not be foolish and engage in a 1v1 battle with Aggron. His Multi Cast are to be feared. Play smart! Gank him if he push alone.

2. Harass him early game.

He cant afford to spam his spells yet, so be sure to harass the dude especially with a ranged hero.

3. Deny him the Mystic Staff

This is the most expensive items he needs to save up for his Aghanim. Make sure that you kill him enough so that he cant buy this item.

4. Disable him
A disabled Aggron = no multi cast. Hex him, stun him, do all means necessary to deny his spell.

5. Black King Bar
Black King bar will render Aggron useless in battle. This is the ultimate Aggron counter in my opinon.

6. Planeswalker Cloak. 15% reduction helps.

IPB Image [Cncls] Conclusion

Yet another guide comes to an end. I certainly hope this revised guide has been both useful and entertaining to you. Constructive comments are always welcomed and I will try to update this guide as often as I can with new techniques and additional knowledge learned. I also hope that I have changed your opinion about Aggron Stonebreaker if you previously dislike him. He is a truly fun hero to use! Happy Multi Casting!

IPB Image


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