Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Guide to King Leoric - The Skeleton King


Legend has it Leoric was a King of a kingdom of a forgotten past. He is valiant and noble in life only to die suddenly of a illness at his prime. As part of the Lich King’s evil plans to booster the Scourge forces, he had studied and looked for the tomes of ancient warriors in hope that the evil necromancer magics might bring them back to “life” again. Lying dead and with flesh long turned into dust in his crypt till the evil necromancers of Scourge revived him.

During the revival process, the necromancers discovered that this is no ordinary zombie they had created but one of extraordinary powers as suspected by Lich King. The process has granted Leoric the powers of life leech, without normal methods of nourishment, he is able to regain his energies by feasting on the living’s flesh and inhaling their souls. Such was the aura of the great warrior, fellow allies in his vicinity also gains this benefit. Being a great warrior, he can kill the most powerful of Sentinel warriors in a few blows, the ability to inflict horrendous and critical damage to his enemies when opportunity arises. Slung to his waist, are war-hammers, which he hurls with great effect that could stun even the largest foes. The most surprise discovery after he was revived was that of reincarnation. With a burning desire to survive, he is able to reincarnate himself when he has enough mana energies.

He is in constant pain, he fights bitterly and can only gain a brief respite from his agonies each time he maims or kills. With sheer determination for his master hoping that one day he might be granted eternal rest.

1. General Hero Analysis (Pros / Cons)
2. Skills / Abilities Analysis
3. Skill Build
- Classic Build
- Survival Build
- Kamikaze Build
3. Item Build
- Start Game Items
- Core Items
- Bonus Items
- Recommended Items Packages
- Classic Items Package
- Survival Items Package
- Kamikaze Items Package
- Andoy's Ownage Package
4. Classic Tactics Guide
- Lane
- Items
- Creeping
- Combat
5. Allies / Opponents Analysis
- Good Allies
- Bad Allies
- Good Enemies
- Bad Enemies


Skeleton King / SK offers a lot with his skills package. He has a Stormbolt / Vampiric aura / Critical Strike / Reincarnation all in one neat package. There’s disable, aura, high damage output and revival! His skills all work well with one and another and gives good synergy and is good teamwork hero to allies.

He isn’t the fastest runner or mad speed attack but he has good damage and good health. He is great against most heroes-matchup except if opponent team has one or more of guys like Silencer/Death Prophet/Drow/Mana burners who has the abilites to destroy his low mana pool and Reincarnation skill.


Stormbolt – Any form of disable is great and it is of good duration at all levels, i.e. 2 seconds. Its damage isn’t fantastic to be used as a regular nuke but it will serve decent damage at enemies when early games especially. It is also a great tool to finish off a running opponent and kill-steal.

Vampirc Aura – A form of life leech that benefits all allies and spawns in a decent AOE range. This skill gives SK long lasting power in the battlefield and also gives him to possibility to creep at neutral creeps. This skill will benefit you greatly through all stages of the game. It allows you to stay in lane longer in early game, creep neutrals at mid games and become a healing monster when the criticals kicks in at late games.

Critical Strike – The percentage of chance activating it is at relatively low constant of 15% and it is structured in a way at various level that the amount of critical damage only become significant at higher levels. 1.25 and 1.75 times damage at level 1 and 2 of the skill especially when SK still deals only lowish base damage and IAS and likelihood of not having good items yet is pretty useless. This skill shines at high levels when SK has decent IAS and good damage.

Reincarnation – When you are able to get this ability at level 6, it is time to watch especially closely to mana reserves. You would need it to revive yourself. Of course, if the skill is cooling down (you are killed recently), you may spam the last droplets of mana for your Stormbolt. This skill gives a negative psychological effect upon your enemies, some players tend to ignore SK because they might be able to kill SK but he could revive again. Also this will save you from sneak attacks by one or two enemies, as the likelihood of one or two players killing you two times in a row is low. With this skill, you will only be truly killed in massive battles or gangbangs.


Classic Skills Build

Hero lvl 1 - Stormbolt lvl 1,
Hero lvl 2 - Vampiric Aura lvl 1
Hero lvl 3 - Stormbolt lvl 2
Hero lvl 4 - Vampiric Aura lvl 2
Hero lvl 5 - Stormbolt lvl 3
Hero lvl 6 - Reincarnation lvl 1
Hero lvl 7 - Stormbolt lvl 4
Hero lvl 8 – Vampiric Aura lvl 3
Hero lvl 9 – Critical Damage lvl 1
Hero lvl 10 – Vampiric Aura lvl 4
Hero lvl 11 – Reincarnation lvl 2
Hero lvl 12 – Critical Damage lvl 2
Hero lvl 13 – Critical Damage lvl 3
Hero lvl 14 - Stats
Hero lvl 15 – Critical Damage lvl 4
Hero lvl 16 – Reincarnation lvl 3
Hero lvl 17 - Stats
Hero lvl 18 - Stats
Hero lvl 19 - Stats
Hero lvl 20 - Stats
Hero lvl 21 - Stats
Hero lvl 22 - Stats
Hero lvl 23 - Stats
Hero lvl 24 - Stats
Hero lvl 25 - Stats

This skill builds places emphasis on Stormbolt as a disable and killing tool from early game and Vampiric aura to help with staying power in early and creeping neutral potential in mid game. Critical Strike is only max out at mid game when the SK can finally deal decent damage. And of course, Reincarnation skill is taken up whenever possible.

This skill build also places emphasis on the very useful all around skills of SK, maxing them as early as possible.

Survival Skills Build

Hero lvl 1 - Stormbolt lvl 1,
Hero lvl 2 - Stats
Hero lvl 3 – Vampiric Aura lvl 1
Hero lvl 4 - Stats
Hero lvl 5 – Vampiric Aura lvl 2
Hero lvl 6 - Reincarnation lvl 1
Hero lvl 7 - Stats
Hero lvl 8 – Vampiric Aura lvl 3
Hero lvl 9 – Stats
Hero lvl 10 – Vampiric Aura lvl 4
Hero lvl 11 – Reincarnation lvl 2
Hero lvl 12 – Stats
Hero lvl 13 – Stats
Hero lvl 14 – Critical Damage lvl 1
Hero lvl 15 – Stats
Hero lvl 16 – Reincarnation lvl 3
Hero lvl 17 – Critical Damage lvl 2
Hero lvl 18 - Stats
Hero lvl 19 – Critical Damage lvl 3
Hero lvl 20 - Stats
Hero lvl 21 – Critical Damage lvl 4
Hero lvl 22 - Stats
Hero lvl 23 - Stormbolt
Hero lvl 24 - Stormbolt
Hero lvl 25 - Stormbolt

Strange and unusual build isn’t it? Before you start screaming, let me explain the rationale of this build. A single point in Stormbolt gives you survivability in using your bolt to escape and the other 3 points are not awarded till much later at lvl 23 to 25. Also, the single point of Stormbolt is mainly for defensive purposes. However, offensive-wise it is useful too and you only use it to stun enemies in hope of bringing other skills in to kill.

Stats are incorporated often to boost survivability, strength for hp, agility for armor, intelligence for more escaping Stormbolts and Reincarnation.Vampiric Aura gives good staying power and heals yourself especially during creeping. Critical Strike is added earlier than completing Stormbolt as it gives you better creeping capabilities than Stormbolt.

Finally, choosing this build means you aren’t a confident SK player and / or believes in tanking and a good defense is the best weapon. This build also works well when the enemies have extremely potent nukers / harassers and the stats bonus will go a long way in helping especially survival in early game.

Kamikaze Skills Build

Hero lvl 1 - Stormbolt lvl 1,
Hero lvl 2 – Critical Strike lvl 1
Hero lvl 3 – Stormbolt lvl 2
Hero lvl 4 - Critical Strike lvl 2
Hero lvl 5 – Stormbolt lvl 3
Hero lvl 6 - Reincarnation lvl 1
Hero lvl 7 – Critical Strike lvl 3
Hero lvl 8 – Stormbolt lvl 4
Hero lvl 9 – Critical Strike lvl 4
Hero lvl 10 – Vampiric Aura lvl 1
Hero lvl 11 – Reincarnation lvl 2
Hero lvl 12 – Vampiric Aura lvl 2
Hero lvl 13 – Vampiric Aura lvl 3
Hero lvl 14 – Vampiric Aura lvl 4
Hero lvl 15 – Stats
Hero lvl 16 – Reincarnation lvl 3
Hero lvl 17 to lvl 25 – Stats

Without a care in the world, this build places hope on earliest possible killing. Stormbolt is maxed ASAP as both a disable and damager skill while Vampiric Aura and Stats are sacrificed for earliest possible Critical Strike. Build is recommended for very advanced players, low skilled opponents, facing favorable enemies early in your lane, i.e Weaver/PA/SA, etc.


Start Game Items

You may choose one of the following
1) 1 x Ring of Regeneration, 1 x Flask of Sapphire Water and 1 x Lesser Clarity Potion.
2) A mix of Flasks of Sapphire Water and Lesser Clarity potions for starting gold.
3) 1 x Bracer / Null Talisman
4) Boots of Speed
5) Nothing

The packages (1) and (2) are often used, with respect to opponent standards and it is the most common too. When things aren’t too heated, (1) is good, it gives you a little of everything, slow hp regeneration, emergency rapid 400hp regeneration and a single mana boost for a single bolt and reincarnation in early game. (2) is for use when you know your opponents are of the nukers variety and you would need hp regeneration in a hurry.

A single bracer and null talisman gives you a little boost in stats and thus a bit of everything nice and sweet. However this is not really needed in the long scheme of things unless you are relatively new and like to boost yourself up since SK is a melee hero weak in early stages of the game. This also meant you will run back to fountain soon.

Boots of Speed is generally a bad investment considering what the other packages can do for you in the start but there are arguments here since SK is very slow and the speed boost might help to avoid deaths and get the last hit easier.

Buying nothing at early stages in not advisable though early Ring of Health and Void Stone, etc is nice. You are leaving things to the in-competency of the opponents and generally this will be a disaster. Low on health and the need to run back to fountain early and experience and gold is denied.

Core Items

Here are some items that you should strive for in most circumstances, they are mostly survival & “multi-beneficial” items:

1) Bracer / Null talisman(s)
2) Boots of Speed / Power Threads
3) Perseverance
4) Battlefury
5) Helm of Dominator
6) Satanic
7) Sange & Yasha
8) Heart of Tarrasque
9) Black King Bar
10) Hyperstone
11) Consumables - Scroll of Town Portal / Clarity / Flasks of Sapphire / Wards / Gems

As said earlier, Bracer / Null talisman both gives you the benefit of more hp and more mana depending on selection. Choose according to your need i.e. do you need more hitpoints to counter nukers or do you need more mana because of heavy Stormbolt usage and manaburned by enemy?

Boots of Speed is a no brainer. The +50 movement speed is essential for SK since he is so slow. However, the decision to upgrade it for all heroes’ Boots of Speed to Power Threads is open to debate. In my opinion for SK, you are doing most of your damage via melee combat and it gives you a wee bit of movement speed. This is a great item for SK so grab it.

Perseverance gives the ability to transform it to Battlefury and it gives +4 hp and mana regeneration for one slot. This item is required for extended combat without returning to the fountain, the mana regeneration is good enough through the game for your Stormbolt and Reincarnation. I aim for completion of this item around the same time as my Power Threads depending on circumstances.

Cleaving attack helps farming, Battlefury is awesome for melee heroes like SK. He is slow no matter how good your last hit is, consider this Battlefury helps a lot in creeping against spawns (mainly less stress) and neutral spawns in mid and end games. Also it is awesome when you get a lot more enemy spawns as the game goes on. It also saves you a slot (Perseverance). This is a great item, I always aim to complete this ASAP after I had my Power Threads and Perseverance under most circumstances.

Satanic, this awesome item goes a long way to you give abilities like +hp, +damage, life steal stacking with your Vampiric Aura, self-healing and helps greatly in farming at neutrals especially the big spawns like Dragons, Golems etc. Helm of Iron Will gives +2hp regeneration and +2 armor, which is rather nice, but at similar price and cash for only one I would purchase it after I gotten my Mask of Madness. Life-steal owns all! Hp bonus is significant at 465 hp.

I often regarded Sange & Yasha as a survival or “game isn’t going so well” item. Its bonus helps a lot of in surviving and its components are cheapish (400 to 1000) making it easy to purchase. Often I would get this if I am sharing a lane, gold is hard to come by or I am making frequent fountain trips. I prefer getting Sange first for obvious reason that is a strength component of this item. And sometimes I just purchase this instead of completing the whole thing. The orb effect of Maim, is nice when it HAPPENS but for a slowish hitter like SK, don’t bet on it happening often. Remember Maim is overridden by life steal of Satanic so you are warned.

Heart of Tarraque is popular and gives plenty of hp boost and regeneration. Always good with heroes that needed a hitpoint boost and gives SK a lot more tanking ability. However this is recommended only after you gotten Satanic first, even though this is cheaper. It gives 965 hp which is alot, effectively turning user into a tank.

There is something that a lot of intelligence hero dread and that is Black King Bar. This is a strength based item and gives plenty of stuffs a SK would dream of. If money is a consideration, try buying Ogre Axe followed by Broadsword then recipe for simple fact that Ogre Axe gives you strength. A thing to note is that of mana cost. 150 mana cost is a big deal for SK so watch out to see if you have enough for Stormbolt and most importantly the 100 / 140 mana for Reincarnation. Lastly 10 seconds of immunity is plenty of time to kill the pesky Lion/Rhasta/Zeus/etc.

Normally once I gotten a damage item after my usual Battlefury + Satanic core item I would like to look at this, a Hyperstone. I am split between placing this in core or bonus item category. My rationale is SK is a slow melee hitter and he has innate Critical Strike ability, this investment will make the time when you get up close and personal counts. Good for destroying waves of spawns too if I may add. Lastly one is enough, two is not advisable due to gold, space, giving up other items consideration.

Scroll of Town Portal are mentioned here specially because it grants you the power to rush back saving a base, rapid tactical movement around the battlefield to hunt heros or kill creeps. Could be used to escape gangbangs too. Other consumables like Flasks of Sapphire Water and Clarity are good to have especially Clarity to prevent mana from dropping too low resulting in Reincarnation not kicking in. Wards and Gems are to be purchased whenever possible to counter stealthy enemies and preventing ambushes / backstabs.

Bonus Items

Nice to have but some of which aren't too affordable. All of them depending on unique circumstances, etc:

1) Aegis Shield of Immortal
2) Divine Rapier
3) Boots of Travel
4) Diffusal Blade & Manta Style
6) Monkey King Bar
7) Cranium Bashers
8) Butterfly
9) Linken Sphere
10) Eul & Guinsoo
11) Mekansm
12) Ring of Basilius
13) Helm of Rejuvenation
14) Radiance
15) Refresher Orb
16) Blink Dagger
17) Lothar Edge
18) Blademail
19) Hand of Midas
20) Mask of Madness
21) Stygian Desolator
22) Chicken

Aegis Shield of Immortal and Divine Rapier are often seen in a pair and hopefully you still have Aegis charges prior to purchasing a Rapier. Aegis is a unique item to SK as it gives Reincarnation too. Having this means you can die 4 times in a row. Its secondary bonus of reduced spell damage and chance to block 60 damage is nice but nothing spectacular. For reduced spell damage, it is justifiable if you have massive nukers like Lina or Lion for example and the 30% chance to block 60 damage is quite laughable at late game when things are especially fast and furious. If there is a Phantom Assasin will laugh at you with her 1000 critical damage.

Rapier gives you the highest constant damage for its cost. Best bang for the buck. And I have seen a brave SK attempting this as his core item after his threads and some low level items. I asked him what is his rationale? He said there are no mana burners or silencing in enemy team and he felt very confident that he is able to escaped unscathed even in gangbangs. He didn’t die and he raped hard that game but in second game even in absence of natural SK nemesis he died when heavily ganged. So this tactic is interesting but really risky. I would recommend this as a game-ending item only paired with Aegis charges of course.

Boots of Travel are especially good if your team is being outnumbered, outpushed or a low number of players game with plenty of spawns to get rid off. Works brilliantly with Battlefury. Only consideration is its high cost. The added speed is great for a couple of more hits and chasing too. It’s nice but not critical in most circumstances. Remember the Scrolls of Town Portal are cheap and movement speed aside, you need to use this boots for 20 times to justify its cost.

Very uncommon are the Diffusal Blade and Manta Style. Diffusal gives nothing of damage and strength to SK though the manaburn is nice mini bonus but the purge is great if you have problem killing. Most of the time, Manta Style is my choice if my team is outnumbered and if enemy team comprises mostly of melee heroes. Manta Style teamed with Blademail is ownage. Consider this, 20% damage returned from the 300% damage they inflicted on your images. Once again, this item(s) depend a lot on circumstances and for the gold there is, this is only a bonus. More often than not, this is a late game item.

Monkey King bar isn’t bad and isn’t too expensive. It is not a orb, it gives constant damage, attack speed and the ability to spot enemy heroes channeling and stunning them for a while. Good usage against channellers like CM/Sniper/etc. You might consider this after you have satisfied other needs like hp and lifesteal.

Cranium Bashers are excellent if your hadn’t invested in orbs like life steal and have good attack speed with hyperstone. Well, bash is always good but if you want to play a bash based hero SK isn’t tailored for it. There are better choices of heroes out there.

I actually love this item, Butterfly but for its high cost I hadn’t been able to buy one often. In a ideal SK build, butterfly would be 1 of my 6 items. Evasion and IAS is awesome in a package. However once again due to its cost it is often a bonus item for late game. You might like to get it after Power Threads, Battlefury, Satanic, any damage item then butterfly.

I have bad experiences with this item, frost arrows set off Linken Sphere! However in the absence of such spells, this item may be considered in early game though the agility and intelligence game isn’t that important. I would prefer the BKB over this as a matter of choice and BKB I say once again is tailored made for heroes like SK.

EUL and Guinsoo are awesome items for all intelligent heroes and some agility heroes. SK is a strength based hero I repeat myself again and the intelligence and mana regeneration boost isn’t required that much. Used sparingly EUL will save you a maximum of 10 times (you have 2 escaping mechanisms already in Stormbolt and Reincarnation) and it can prepare your team for a gangbang. There have been instances of team strategies of mass disabling and Guinsoo plays an important part but these instances are few. Yes there is a combo using the hex effects of Guinsoo to kill but i would only buy this once in a blue moon only. Conclusion, this is a very tactical item(s).

Mekansm, Ring of Basilius and Helm of Rejuvenation are classified by me as AOE or Aura or teamwork items. They are awesome if your team has plenty of such assets but sacrificing gold and slots on a SK is rarely done.

Radiance is almost never seen now. Awkward blend of abilities and high cost make this prohibitive. This is almost a final slot item if any. However you might like to consider this since SK is a melee hero and it isn’t too bad for a tanking build.

Reincarnation refreshed? Quite nice but the cost is terrible. Gold is limited. And you might like to use your 1 Perseverance for a Battlefury instead. Lastly, if you are able to plan your Reincarnation @ level 3 especially, you do not need this item. Also, this investment might backfire badly when your Reincarnation is often stopped by mana-burn or silence.

Blink dagger for SK isn’t important as compared to other melee heroes Centaur / Slardar due to their close range stun. Though blink in to attack and using it to escape can be nice but there are better considerations out there.

Very ridiculous some might say, Lothar Edge for SK, its almost never seen. Only in certain very unique circumstances like your entire team do not have invisible abilities that this item is viable. Also there is not much point in buying this for escaping (Stormbolt and Reincarnation). Chances are the enemies would not buy a gem or wards to counter you unless you are absolutely raping them. A major surprise for the enemy I might say if this is used but do make other considerations too.

Blademail are especially good in a slugfest with melee heroes with PA / Naix dealing rapid and insane damage. Works great with Manta Style’s images as said earlier. Only problem is the slots restrictions. Never get this if they are ranged or nukers. Consider this when they have 3 or more melee heroes.

Lastly, Hand of Midas is crap when you get Battlefury as strongly recommended by me. IAS is nice but transmuting creeps require mana and you might not have enough to spam it due to Stormbolt and Reincarnation.

Mask of Madness adds plenty of IAS but gives the possibility of increased damage. I often overlooked this item due to my fondness for Satanic. This item is for a aggressive player and isn’t tailored made for SK in mind. Sven is a much better candidate for this.

Stygian Desolator was nerfed in recent versions but it is still a viable item against opponents of low armor and it need not have high IAS to be effective. Works alright with SK as he already has innate Critical Strike abilities.

Chicken is best purchased by a friendly teammate and shared with you. Due to possibility of heavy damage and low mana, there are often fountain visits. Good chicken allies are KOTL/Lich/etc for their extreme long staying power if they are equipped with Flasks of Sapphire Water.

Recommended Item Packages

Here are some basic packages I used and they each work properly, feel free to tweak them to suit your needs. However they are well tested and it should serve the newbie SK users especially well. Feel free to subsitute any items depending on circumstances. Lastly, feel free to purchase sentry/observer wards, gem, scrolls of town portal and any consumables when needed.

Classic Items Package

1. Flask of Sapphire Water
2. Ring of Regeneration
3. Lesser Clarity Potion
4. Ring of Health
5. Void Stone = Perseverance
6. Boots of Speed
7. Claymore
8. Gloves of Haste
9. Power Threads Recipe = Power Threads
10. Mitril Hammer
11. Battlefury Recipe = Battlefury
12. Mask of Death
13. Helm of Iron Will = Helm of Dominator
14, M. Reaver
15. Satanic Recipe = Satanic
16. Hyperstone
17. Plate Mail
18. Planewalker’s Cloak
19. Stout Shield
20. Aegis of the Immortal Recipe = Aegis of the Immortal
21. Claymore + Sacred Relic + Demon Edge = Divine Rapier

The build I uses 70% of the time. Take note items purchase may be in different order subjected to circumstances. You aren’t capable of dealing good damage till purchase of hyperstone (with level 4 criticals) but everything is downhill from there. You should be the King of the Battlefield from then on and when the Aegis + Rapier combo is done, its GG.

Survival Items Package

1. Flask of Sapphire Water x 2
2. Ring of Regeneration
3. Ring of Health
4. Bracers (one or two or even three)
4. Belt of Giant Strength
6. Boot of Speed
7. Ogre Axe
8. Sange Recipe = Sange
9. Glove of Haste
10. Power Threads Recipe = Power Threads
11. Ogre Axe
12. Broad Sword
13. Black King Bar Recipe = Black King Bar
14. Elvish Boots
15. Blade of Alacrity
16. Yasha Recipe = Yasha
17. Sange & Yasha Recipe = Sange & Yasha
18. and beyond. Heart of Tarrasque / Satanic / Linken Sphere / Blink Dagger / Lothar Edge / Aegis of Immortal / Divine Rapier

This build as the name suggests maximum survivability and ease of farming for the items. Idea is to buff the SK up slowly but gradually despite the possibility of heavy pressure, bad farming and gold lost from deaths. Bracer(s) will pump the SK very significantly if Survival Skill / Ability build is used. The purchase of Black King Bar may be swap with Sange & Yasha depending on the presence of nukers. Also the Black King Bar allows the SK to engage an disable / nuker hero.

Sange & Yasha is selected to be the primary damage orb effect item due to its low cost and easy to purchase components with the bonus of adding much needed strength and armor to SK. For item(s) 17 and beyond, the items listed above are subject to various tactical requirements. However a Heart of Tarrasque is one of the more popular choices here. Linken Sphere adds further invulnerability to SK.

Kamikaze Items Package

1. Flask of Sapphire Water x 1
2. Lesser Potion of Clarity
3. Ring of Regeneration
4. Boots of Speed
5. Glove of Haste
6. Power Threads Recipe = Power Threads
7. Mask of Death
8. Mask of Madness Recipe = Mask of Madness
9. Quarterstaff
10. Demon Edge
11. Monkey King Bar Recipe = Monkey King Bar
12. Hyperstone
13. Plate Mail
14. Planewalker’s Cloak
15. Stout Shield
16. Aegis of the Immortal Recipe = Aegis of the Immortal
17. Claymore + Sacred Relic + Demon Edge = Divine Rapier

This is a totally offensive build, for users who believe in offense > defense. Power Threads and Mask of Madness provide early killing capabilities. MKB is rather affortable and it gives good constant damage, alittle attack speed and even a tiny stun. Hyperstone to increase the IAS especially for the Critical Strike ability and Aegis of the Immortal + Divine Rapier combo later for obvious reasons.

Andoy's Ownage Items Package

1. Flask of Sapphire Water
2. Ring of Regeneration
3. Lesser Clarity Potion
4. Ring of Health
5. Void Stone = Perseverance
6. Boots of Speed
7. Claymore
8. Gloves of Haste
9. Power Threads Recipe = Power Threads
10. Mitril Hammer
11. Battlefury Recipe = Battlefury
12. Belt of Giant Strength
13. Ogre Axe
14. Sange Recipe = Sange
15. Elvish Boots
16. Blade of Alacrity
17. Yasha Recipe = Yasha
18. Sange & Yasha Recipe = Sange & Yasha
19. Vitality Booster
20. M. Reaver
21. Heart of Tarrasque Recipe = Heart of Tarrasque
22. Plate Mail
23. Planewalker’s Cloak
24. Stout Shield
25. Aegis of the Immortal Recipe = Aegis of the Immortal
26. Claymore + Sacred Relic + Demon Edge = Divine Rapier

This is a build similar to Classic Items Package but with a twist. The battlefury rationale stays the same but Sange&Yasha is purchased to give a orb effect and damager item with nice stats boost of course. Heart of Tarrasque is chosen to make SK a better tanker thus he can participate or stay in the battlefield longer for allies to enjoy especially the Vampiric Aura. Aegis + Rapier is self-explanatory. Full credit given to a fellow DP mod, Andoy for this contribution.

(Sentinel side PPV)


1) Top lane is best for a SK to avoid pesky stunners who are often in mid-lane and minimize walking distance and increase ambush danger at the bottom lane.

2) Aim for solo if possible, if not a ally like a nuker is cool too. Avoid sharing lanes with allies that have no disables or possessing very good creeping capabilities like Sniper/Clinz/etc.


1) Purchase your items whenever you could afford it with or without a chicken. For instance when you could afford your first purchase after start game shopping like a Ring of Health, buy it immediately. You will need it and you do not want to risk losing gold from dying.

2) As a general rule regarding items, you are doing OK if you are able to purchase a Battlefury at level 11/12. Things are especially bright if Satanic can be completed at level 15/16.

3) Flasks of Sapphire Water are especially good for SK when his hitpoints is 1200 and below and the absence of life leech items, a emergency boost of 400 is always welcomed.
Potions of Clarity are great to boost your mana to prevent it dropping below 100 / 140. Scrolls of Town Portal saves your base / life / farm a big wave of creeps for such a low cost.


1) Last hits are your best bet before Battlefury. This skill greatly determines who is going to win. XP denying is hard to master and it should not take priority before Last Hits and Harassment.

2) Learn placement on which creeps to attack to maximise the cleaving effect when possessing Battlefury to get the most out of it. Normally, now we do not attack the usual ranged spawn first, instead start with the melee spawns.

3) Mask of Madness / Helm of Dominator / Satanic allows creeping of neutrals very effectively. Go for spawns in the forest instead of pushing too deep into enemies territories. Satanic means the possibility of farming at big neutral creeps, the dragons and golems, etc. Very good money.


1) Single Enemy Combat
- Check SK's hp / mana
- Check Enemy's hp / mana
- Situation awareness of friendly / enemy creeps, friendly / enemy towers and minimap of enemy heros

Charge in and land a couple of hits first. If enemy stays, stun him if he has a disable if not hack at him more. If he runs, stun him and hit him and chase with your Stormbolt again. Generally 3 Stormbolts are more than enough and if it isn’t, the ambush had failed. Activation of BKB should be done during the charging in to save precious seconds and you might like to drink a single clarity potion at the same time to replenish mana for Stormbolt and Reincarnation.

2) In group battles, chances are you are one of the couple of tankers in your team. Stay at the forefront. Start your engagement by moving forward and not stunning first. Only stun when enemy runs.

3. Plan your death. Reincarnation gives a special tactical possibility. You are revived with full hp and mana. Bear this in mind. You are generally safe when you are dead and surrounded by 1 or 2 enemy heroes only. And sometimes getting killed allows you to kill when revived.

4. You need 100/150/200 mana depending on your Reincarnation cool-down and level. Try not to go below it when possible. This is your most special skill and not having enough mana for it is a great sin.


Good Allies

1.Any disables / stunners type of heroes of course. Double tagging with Crystal Maiden / Sven / Rhasta / etc is always deadly and a assured death for any enemy with no escaping mechanism.
2. Vengeful Spirit is one of your best friends ever with her stun / command aura / swap abilities.
3. Ogre Magi/Magnataur / etc are able to cast spells that great increases your damage output. While Treant/Sven gives you toughness in form of additional armor.

Bad Allies

1. Sniper/Clinz/Drow etc. These guys are to be avoided sharing lane with as they farm much better than you and have not much to offer when things are dicey. Chances are they will windwalk in times of danger leaving you to certain death even if they could have made a difference. And yes Sniper is a great Kser too.
2. Drow has the insane ability even to silence a friendly SK from Reincarnation. This strange occurance had happened to me twice in a recent game. Subject to further confirmation.

Good Opponents

1. Sniper/Drow/etc, generally enemies with no disables or escaping mechanism. Which is common sense actually.

Bad Opponents / Counter

1. Basic Counters = Manaburn / Silence / Blademail
2. Silencer gives a bad time especially earlier on when SK has insufficient mana to cast Stormbolt to break his curse often. Yes he silence his Reincarnation too. Very evil.
3. Drow / Death Prophet have them silencing abilities that work against his Reincarnation but they will need allies help to bring him down first.
4. Regarding manaburners, Antimage can kill, Nerubian Assassin sometimes may kill, KOTL can harass badly (manaleak = 1 Stormbolt and little mana left).
5. A especially nasty enemy is AntiMage with his ability as mentioned above to manaburn and most Antimage are perma bashers type and this is also very effective.
6. Tiny by virtue of his stun armour ability coupled with chainmail is a major threat.
7. Hex (Lion) prevents Reincarnation if SK dies while being hexed.


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