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Guide to Lucifer - The Doom Bringer

Quick Reference Section

Skill Build:

1. Devour
2. LVL Death
3. Devour
4. LVL Death
5. Devour
6. Doom
7. LVL Death
8. LVL Death
9. Devour
10. Scorched Earth
11. Doom
12. Scorched Earth
13. Scorched Earth
14. Scorched Earth
15. Attribute Bonus
16. Doom
17 - 25. Attribute Bonus

Item Build:

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image


Table of contents:

A. Introduction: Doom’s Basic Information
B. Skill Build
C. Item Build
D. Strategy
D1. Skill Analysis
D2. Walkthrough by game stages:
D2a. Early game
D2b. Mid game
D2c. Late game
E. Conclusion

A. Introduction: Doom’s Basic Information

IPB Image

Initial Stats:
HP/ MP: 644 / 208
Damage: 53 -69
Armor: 3.5
Strength/ Agility/ Intelligence: 26 + 3.2/ 11+ 0.9/ 16+2.1
Range: 150
MoveSpeed: 300

Doom 's Strength:

1. High str stats growth (which translate to high hp + base damage)
2. Hero Killer
3. Great Farmer
4. Great silencing spell (12 seconds)

Doom’s Weaknesses:

1. No Disabling skill from stopping hero escaping.

B. Skill build:

1- Devour
IPB Image
Swallows an enemy unit for a short period of time, digesting it and dealing 20 damage per second. Each level decreases the cooldown and mana cost and gives bonus gold when the devoured unit is killed.

Level 1 - Gives 10 bonus gold, can only devour enemy creeps or non-ancient neutral creeps that are no higher than level 1.
Level 2 - Gives 20 bonus gold, can only devour enemy creeps or non-ancient neutral creeps that are no higher than level 2.
Level 3 - Gives 30 bonus gold, and can only devour enemy creeps or non-ancient neutral creeps that are no higher than level 4.
Level 4 - Gives 40 bonus gold, and can only devour enemy creeps or non-ancient neutral creeps that are no higher than level 6.

Mana Cost: 50/ 45/ 40/ 35
Cooldown: 30/ 25/ 20/ 15

2 – Scorched Earth
IPB Image
Blankets the ground in flames, damaging enemies and healing the Doombringer. Also increases Lucy's attack and movement speed.
Lasts 20 seconds

Level 1 - 1 damage/health a second, 10% increased speed.
Level 2 - 2 damage/health a second, 15% increased speed.
Level 3 - 3 damage/health a second, 20% increased speed.
Level 4 - 4 damage/health a second, 30% increased speed.

Mana Cost: 60
Cooldown: 10

3- LVL Death
IPB Image
Dissipates a piece of a target's soul. Deals 250 bonus damage if the target's level is a multiple of a specific number. Can only cast on enemy heroes.

Level 1 - Deals 50 damage, 6 multiplier.
Level 2 - Deals 100 damage, 5 multiplier.
Level 3 - Deals 200 damage, 4 multiplier.
Level 4 - Deals 250 damage, 3 multiplier.

Mana Cost: 85/ 105/ 125/ 145
Cooldown: 8

4- Doom
IPB Image
The target unit becomes inflicted with Doom. The afflicted unit cannot cast spells (including item spells) and will take damage per second.
Lasts 12 seconds.

Level 1 - Deals 40 damage per second.
Level 2 - Deals 60 damage per second.
Level 3 - Deals 80 damage per second.

Mana Cost: 150/ 200/ 250
Cooldown: 180/ 150/ 120

Here is the suggested skill build:

C. Skill Build

1. Devour
2. LVL Death
3. Devour
4. LVL Death
5. Devour
6. Doom
7. LVL Death
8. LVL Death
9. Devour
10. Scorched Earth
11. Doom
12. Scorched Earth
13. Scorched Earth
14. Attribute Bonus
15. Attribute Bonus
16. Doom
17 - 25. Attribute Bonus

Brief explanation to skill builds:

1. Devour for easy farming during early stages, so that you can get your early items fast.
2. LVL Death early-mid games for killing heroes.
3. Scorched Earth is only taken in mid game because in early game, we don’t need the fast move speed for chasing to kill. We kill by using spells.
4. Doom is taken whenever it is available.

Why Devour ???

Devour is a vary good farming skill. It’s a skill that everyone should get it regardless of how good you are in farming, IMHO.
Let’s say you are very good at farming at is capable of getting all last hit on all creeps, it is still a very good skill to invest in. An average creep gives you 40 gold. An additional 40 gold on top of all the 4 creeps during early game is actually a 25% increase in gold collected. Anyway, it is just my humble opinion that it is a skill way to good to be neglected. If you really feel that you don’t need it, it is still up to your personal preference. J Just some thing to take note, do not devour enemy creeps whenever you are planning to backstab. Enemy creep which is still being “digested” will give all the enemies true sight on your location.

Why LVL-Death???

LVL Death should be invested gradually together with the level growth of the opponent in your lane, thus, the reasoning of getting it at level 2/4/7/8. When Doom is at level 4, LVL Death will inflict extra damage on level 5 hero; At level 7, Doom will inflict extra damage to hero at level 8; at level 8, LVL Death will inflict extra damage on heroes at level 9. With this on mind, you should be always staying ahead of your opponent regardless of whichever situation. This is your signature skill to shine during early/mid game. There is no reason to pull back this skill to just at level 2 just because the maximum level for all heroes is level 25. What is 100+250 damage to heroes when they are at level 25? It will be just like a sniff on them.

Why no Scotched Earth in early games ???

We don’t need the moving speed in that early game. We aren’t inflicting damage thru our physical hit during this time. Furthermore, with Devour, you will be able to get your Ring Of Health around …. Say level 3, or the worse, level 5. Don’t forget that you still have a sapphire flask that you’ve brought with you before you leave your lane? That should be able to last you until you get your ring under any circumstances.

C. Item Build

Recommended Item Build:

Starting items:
1 sapphire water + 2 clarity potion + 2 mantle Of Intelligent

1. Ring Of Health + Void Stone
2. Boots
3. Orge Axe / Belt / Mitril / Claymore
4. Crystalys + Demon edge
5. Start Combining Item(Buriza/ Sange)
6. Reaver + Vitality
7. Heart of Tarrasque
9. Aegis

Brief explanation to item builds:

1. Start off with a Saphirre + 2 clarity + 2 mantle of Intelligent. Saphirre for unforeseen situation, and clarity so that you can devour and have enough mana for kills early.
2. Orge Axe / Belt / Mitril / Claymore are gotten in any order base on your own judgement on the situation. Do not combine those items, yet. Just get them.
3. Mitril / Claymore / Axe / Belt can be gotten in any sequence based on the situation. If u face spammers who gave u a really hard time, then I would go for axe/belt first for the extra strength stats. If you are doing fine, then I would suggest that you invest your gold on extra damage items. Mitril / Claymore would be it.
4. The reason why we combine our items so late is because we do not need the extra gold spent for the additional maim. We would be better of investing the gold on other items, and combine the sange when the need of additional slot arrises.
5. Buriza because your spells alone at this stage can no longer kill heroes. You need to rely on your physical damage.
6. Heart for helping in tanking.

Why Perseverence ??? Battlefury ???

Perseverence gives you the regen on hp/mana that you both need. I would suggest getting void stone first, but if you have trouble with your hp early on facing heavy nukers, then I would suggest we go for Ring first. Battlefury is that for the damage. +10 extra damage and cleave attack without even needed to spend extra on any scroll is really sweet, don't you think so? smile.gif

Why Sange??? Why not S&Y???

Sange is chosen not because of the maim. It is taken as a stepping stone before you get your Heart. That is also the reason why we do not want to combine it so early. The scroll to combine it is because that we want to save slot.

Let's see. Sange is 2050. S&Y is 5000. A difference of 3k. What does the 3k give? 10% increase move/attack speed, and a few armour. That's all. Do you think it is worth it? In my humble opinion, the 3k can be used in other more benificial items, e.g.:- Reaver / Demon Edge .

Why Buriza over MKB???

Because Doom already has a high base damage. And with battlefury, the criticle will do easy job on creep waves. We do not need to rely on the mini stun on MKB to cancel channeling spell. LVL Death will be sufficient. (Thanks alanrulez for this)

Why Heart over Satanic???

Doom's attackspeed is not very fast, so Satanic is not a very good item on him.
Heart gives 35 strength, while satanic only 25.
Satanic is orb. Sange is also Orb.

Why Aegis???

To be a ultimate tanker. With high hp and higher armour, you will do the role well.

Why no Guinsoo??? Doom needs mana !!!

I acknowledge the fact that Doom needs mana, but Guinsoo/Eul is really overkill for him. We really do not need that additional mana if we are capable of managing the mana pool properly. Get 2 Mantle if you really need the addition mana.

Why no Refresher???

A refresher can never stand alone. It needs some mana boosting item to be coupled with in order for a Double-Doom. If you were to do that, you won't be able to tank so well for you teams. I personally still do believe that with the insane strength stat growth of doom, he should be able to serve his team as a great tanker, but well, if you prefer to play it as a caster type hero, then this is not a bad choice wink.gif

D1. Skill Analysis

1. How to use Devour
Whenever a creep wave arrives, just devour one of the melee creep, as it gives more gold compared to the range creep.
Just keep in mind that, when you are planning to backstab/ambush, do not devour enemy creeps, as devour will reveal your location to the enemies.

2. How to use LVL Death
a. This is the skill that let you kill heroes during early/mid stage. Using this skill requires a little bit of your planning as well as timing.

b. If you play well, you should be able to get kills by only using this skill during early/mid game. A spell that deals 250+250 damage isn’t some joke.

c. This spell has a mini-stun. Use this to cancel channeling spell. e.g:- Sand King's Epicenter, CM's Ultimate, etc ...

3. How to use Scotched Earth

When you have level 4 of this skill, just use it whenever you are in a battle, and whenever the cooldown is down.

More details on how to use it from []

4. Doom

a. Use it as a finisher during early / mid games.

b. During team clashes in mid/later stage, do not use it as a finisher. Instead, you should use it to silence spell caster from the opposite team so as to wear down their team disabling power. Examples of heroes that you should be targeting are lion/rhasta/Death Prophet/etc.

c. If it is a wind walker, use doom to silence him first from escaping, then finish him off with LVL-Death.

D2. Walkthrough by game stages:

D2a. Early game:

Pick a side lane. If you can have a solo, it would be best. But if you couldn’t you can still live with it.

At level 4, you should have already got your LVL Death 2nd level. Wait patiently for your opponent to reach his level 5. Once he is at level 5, immediately cast LVL Death on him. Just do it once enough.

Keep leveling up. Just right before you were to reach your level 6, consume your clarity potion.

Once you hit level 6, if the enemy still lingers around, immediately cast DOOM, then LVL Death. This should pocket you a kill.

If you are not confident in the above mention method, you may want to cast twice LVL Death when the enemy is at his level 5, and then cast DOOM as your finisher when you reach your level 6.

D2b. Mid game:

Once you have your perseverance, you should be able to semi-spam your LVL-Death. This is the stage where you shine most. A nuke with 500 damage is really painful.

You should plan well ahead for your mana usage. If you see a hero which matches the level with your LVL Death spell, you should be running towards him. Normally, a LVL Death + DOOM would be suffice for most agility/intelligent heroes.

Carry clarity potions with you at all times so that when the opportunity arises, you will be able to take it (have efficient mana for a LVL-Death + DOOM)

Once you have your Scotched Earth level 4 together with your Battle Fury, there is no need for you to spam Devour any longer. You should be conserving your mana for Scotched Earth + Doom + LVL Death in team clashes.

D2c. Late game:

Your role right now is to tank for your team. You should be able to do the job well with your great strength stats growth coupled with your Hearts. Just silence the disabler from the opposite team, cast Scotched Earth in front of you, and march in. The rest should be handled by your team mates.

Once you doom(silenced) the opposite team's disabler, and cast Scortched Earth, you should march in and target on the highest DPS(damage per second) damage dealer of the opposing team, e.g.:- PA, Razor, Troll, etc.

E. Conclusion

Doom Bringer is a fun hero to use. With good farming skills to get great items, and wonderful nuke that does insane damage, everyone will be able to enjoy playing him with a little bit of practice, and timing too. wink.gif

Comments and feedback are most welcome. wink.gif

Anyway, here's how a fully equipped Doom looks like:-
IPB Image